Mystery the Hedgehog
MtH MysteryTheHedgehog

Hedgehog (one-quarter porcupine)




104cm (3'5")


35kg (78lbs)


Sussex, UK












Black fingerless gloves
Blue-and-white trainers with white socks



Favorite Food

Fish & Chips


Sword-fighting, going on long walks, fast cars, fire, Shakespeare


Large crowds, cold places, seeing women in pain, losing a sword fight


Extreme sword-fighting ability
Can run up walls

Mystery the Hedgehog is a mercenary who currently resides in Station Square, though he tends to move around a lot due to the nature of his job. He is 17 years old, stands 104cm (3ft 5in) tall and weighs 78lbs (35kg). He has yellow-orange fur, peach skin, and teal eyes. He wears black fingerless gloves, and blue trainers with silver trim. Mystery is an expert swordsman and carries his blade, Silver Death, with him wherever he goes.


Born to an average working-class family in the UK, Mystery was an accomplished all-round cricketer from an early age. He then transferred this batting skill to sword-fighting, and became a champion fencer in his home-town. Looking to take his skill to a global stage, he left home and began to travel the world, taking part in fencing tournaments the world over.

However, while staying in Station Square during a championship, he became drawn into the criminal underworld. Crooks impressed by his speed and duelling skill began hiring him to carry out robberies, assassinations and wanton acts of destruction. Mystery found this to be a faster, more reliable source of income than fencing, and eventually became a full-time mercenary dedicated to carrying out people's dark deeds while continuing to fence in his spare time. Mystery now travels from place to place to avoid the law, rather than to find another tournament.


Despite the violent nature of his job, Mystery is somewhat of a gentleman; he is evil by choice rather than just for evil's sake. He avoids killing innocent civilians where possible, and appears to be rather chivalrous towards women. Once Mystery receives a mission, he is determined to carry it out no matter what, but still tries to avoid collateral damage.

Mystery tends to think things through before acting, often meticulously planning his missions, but rarely factors in the consequences on other people; as a result, he can appear uncaring. He is unable to refuse a fight, and often prefers to settle arguments with his sword. Mystery enjoys being on his own, but those who take the time to know him are rewarded with a loyal, hard-working friend.

Mystery is known for quoting Shakespeare.


As well as being a reasonably fast runner, Mystery's primary skill is his sword-fighting ability, which is near-unparalleled. He relies on his trusty blade, Silver Death, to get him out of most situations. While many sword-fighters rely on brute force alone, Mystery fights with precision and timing.

He can also run up walls, using a high-grip coating on the soles of his shoes.


In combat, Mystery often has an over-reliance on his sword. Without it, his fighting skill is hit-and-miss and he can be beaten easily. Mystery carries his sword with him at all times to try and counter this weakness, but it can still be knocked out of his hands during combat (though this is rather difficult to do).

At the start of a fight, Mystery will hang back, analysing his opponent's strengths, weaknesses and fighting style before attacking. During this short period of time he is vulnerable to attack.

Mystery can be distracted by beautiful women. Due to his chivalrous nature, he does not generally attack women; thus he would find it hard to defend himself against a female assailant.




  • Plenty


  • Plenty


  • Jordan the Hedgehog (father)
  • Labyrinth the Hybrid (mother)
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