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Myrskyjen the Hawk (pronounced "murr-SKEE-jen") is a priestess that serves the Wind Clan of Khazri.

Physical Description

A slender hawk who stands a bit over three feet tall, Myrskyjen has a fairly short, sharply-hooked beak, and medium-length tail-feathers that are mostly squared off at the end.

Her feathers are primarily light periwinkle in color, with white eye markings and forearms; the hidden wing-feathers of her arms have black stripes near the end, and her tail-feathers are mostly black with white bands across. She has no hair on her head, instead having longer feathers extending from the back and sides of it that droop downwards, and her eyes are cobalt blue in color. Her beak is also corn in color, with a dark liver tip.



The Elemental Wars


Base Stats
Stamina Good
Strength Average
Energy Good
Durability Average
Resistance Average
Speed Great - on land
Superior - flight
Reflexes Great
Magic Great
Kinesis N/A
Intellect Great
Other Stats
Eyesight Superior
Hearing Great
Olfactory Good

As a priestess, Myrskyjen bears the long-range oriented combat of the typical battle mage, but with a stronger emphasis on utility over raw power. She lacks the overwhelming burst of a battle mage, but excels in wearing down foes over time with her abilities, and she also has the ability to strengthen and inspire her allies while inflicting various debuffs on her foes. Like the battle mages, she is fast, but also fragile, and needs to rely on her long-range combat style to stay away from strong enemy attacks.

Being a priestess, she is highly spiritual; not only does she help maintain the various shrines located in her village, but she is also able to manipulate the environment within a ten-foot radius of her in subtle ways, and this allows her to bolster the Elemental strength of any Wind-wielders near her, while also decreasing the power of other Elements in the affected area, both by a roughly 20% change. Her spirituality also allows her to commune with beings from the Elemental Plane of Wind.

Being a hawk, Myrskyjen is capable of flight, and she also has a sharp and strong beak that can serve as a decent natural weapon in a pinch. She also has very keen eyesight.


Myrskyjen is relatively resistant to the Elements of Wind and Nature (her Wind resistance is somewhat higher, however); she can turn away or even outright nullify gaseous or particle-based abilities with her aeromancy, as well. She is quite fast, and can easily outpace slower foes and evade their attacks.


Myrskyjen is weak to the Elements of Earth and Electricity. Her defenses aren't anything special, therefore she mostly relies on her agility to try and evade potentially devastating attacks. Her physical strength is also less than stellar, making her falter heavily in hand-to-hand combat. Being a manipulator of wind, having her limbs restricted in any way nullifies her aeromancy.

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