Myoti the Bat

Biographical Information
  • Myoti's Mom
  • Myoti's Dad
  • Myoti Rasheen (Full Name)
Romantic Interests


Physical Description
  • Fur: Turquoise w/ gray muzzle and chest
  • Hair: Green
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Advanced combat
  • Trained in Geomancy
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorGolem Guy (Neo)

Myoti the Bat is a Mobian Bat who explores the world of Mobius looking for adventures wherever he goes.

Physical Description


Myoti was born in Soumerca to a family of explorers who traveled throughout the world to find rare wildlife and explore the most mysterious places in the world. At a young age his parents had to retire due to a harsh loss of their sight, but Myoti, who was amazed about his parent's tales, still wanted to explore the world. When he was old enough, he trained with a experienced adventurer and set out on his own to explore.


Myoti is a adventurous and brave person, who goes throughout the world in a great mood, always searching for a good adventure, probably due to being born to a family of explorers. He is also a person who is pretty friendly and kind torwards his friends, but can also be pretty protective torwards them as well. Much like his parents before him, he also loves viewing and exploring for rare creatures to write about, and to also keep safe in case they are injured.


Myoti is a quick fighter, with a lot of focusing on quick attacks and combos to chip down on opponents with attacks until they are defeated. Myoti also focuses a bit on defense as well, carrying a few quick blocking moves to provide some defense if combos don't work.

Earth Abilites

Elementless Abilites

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