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My Sweet Life/Summer of Sweet Secrets
The Suspect List

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Cquote1 Mimi may be Red Coat, but I can get even uglier than she is Cquote2
CC's text to the Originals

The Suspect List is the ninth episode of the Summer of Sweet Secrets. It aired in the United States on July 7, 2016 in the United States and January 8, 2016 in Japan.


In this episode, all of the Originals decide to stick together. Now with six members of their new group, they need to figure out who the suspects could be.

All six of them are seen in the coffee shop. Ricardo brings up on how they were so close to finding the mysterious figure behind the red coat. Michelle then says that the girl could have been CC. A waitress comes over to them and brings them their coffee;two lattes, an espresso, an iced coffee, and a mocoa. Alexis then made a toast to life, as CC didn't kill any of them.... yet! David then looks at a few employees cleaning the windows, bringing back the memory of the heavy metal music.

While hanging out and listening to actual normal café music, Alyssa then brings up a memory. She tells them that the Red Coat from the video was a blonde. Alexis then listed all of the blondes that she knows are Abigail, Angelina, Christina, Katrina and Roxie. Michelle then suggests the fun idea of a little full out investigation, just like in the old mystery movies. While Thresh found the idea stupid, the others didn't and they were all in.

Suspects 1-5

The first suspect was Abigail. Alexis went to her house with Michelle, and they sat her down to ask questions. She was frightened to be questioned, but Alexis then realized that she was with her on the beach. Abigail was innocent anyway because her hair color was too dark anyway.

Thresh and Ricardo took care of Roxie. There was a red coat hanging in her closet, it was almost identical, but it had no hood. Thresh asked her if she cut it off, and stitched it but she told them she had no clue how. He gave her the needle and thread. She accidentally stabbed her thumb with the needle. Thresh laughed and Roxie punched her, Ricardo broke up the fight and called her innocent.

David and Alyssa both decided to take care of Katrina, because she was Alyssa's little sister;making her the easiest out of the three. Katrina started to laugh because she thought this was stupid, so Alyssa snatched her phone. Surprisingly, she opened up completely about that night, Alyssa remembers that she actually was with her mom at the time of this.

Alexis, Michelle and Alyssa all go to Angelina's house, only to hear from her parents that she is with Sasha in Hollywood. Alexis and Alyssa suggest that they fly there, but Michelle asked them to wait, as she didn't want to fly for two and a half hours to get to Hollywood. However, her mother did say that she was still in town on that night, but she was at the mall, not the beach.


David, Thresh and Ricardo all went home, and the other three arrived. They came to the conclusion that all four of those suspects were innocent. However, David brought up the fact that an evil person could be CC. Michelle pointed out how obvious and stupid that was, but Alexis thought otherwise. She then told them that she thinks she knows who CC is. Mimi.

The Originals were at Alexis's house listening to her theory. Alexis tells them that Mimi was the one who knew about Christina's fall to her death. Alyssa then brought up that she had to do community service by picking up trash on parks, beaches and other places, which means she could be at the beach. Now they are all terrified, and as if things couldn't get any worse, CC texts them "Mimi may be Red Coat, but I can get even uglier than she is <3 CC"


We see a figure going up the stairs of Angelina's house. They go into the attic and the back and a blonde figure pops out of the box. It's Angelina.


  • The Originals interrogate all of the blondes they know who can possibly be Red Coat.
  • Abigail can't be Red Coat because she was with Alexis on the day she was on the beach.
  • Roxie can't be Red Coat because the coat she has doesn't have a hood.
  • Katrina can't be Red Coat because she was with her mom when it happened.
  • Angelina was in Hollywood, so she couldn't answer the questions, but her parents did all of the talking.
  • They come to the conclusion that Mimi is CC.
  • Angelina was hiding in the attic, making her a suspect.
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