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My Sweet Life/Summer of Sweet Secrets
Oh What Fun It Is To Ride a One Horse Open Sleigh

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Cquote1 I gotta run. And by the way, you guys better stop CC. She's after all of us, me included. Just keep doing what you're doing, and you'll corner that bitch. Cquote2
Christina when she visits Alexis

Oh What Fun It Is To Ride a One Horse Open Sleigh is the eighth episode of the Summer of Sweet Secrets. It aired in the United States on June 30, 2016 and January 1, 2016 in Japan.



Ricardo is at home, sitting on his couch watching TV, messaging his friends. CC then texts him, "Get friends, loser <3 CC" He then gets another flashback of the night. After Christina was heard on the night Christina died, Ricardo opened his eyes a bit to see a Shadow as it looked like it was leaving the cabin. He then heard a door squeak. Ignoring these two big signs, he falls back asleep. The flashback ends, as Ricardo picks up his phone to send a message to an old friend, Thresh the Horse.

Ricardo is then seen in a different city, at Thresh's house. A three year old boy opens up. Ricardo told the boy if he knew "Mr. Grasswood", the boy called out "Daddy!" as Thresh came to the door. Thresh comes to the door. He sees Ricardo the two bro hug. Thresh tells him to come in. His wife, a female horse that we never seen before, introduces herself to Ricardo. Her name is Rachel. She pours the two of them some tea. Ricardo then tells Thresh that they need to talk in private.

Thresh tells Rachel and their son to go play in the sandbox outside. The two then leave, leaving a serious Thresh and an even more serious Ricardo. Ricardo then asks him what happened when he snuck outside the night Christina went missing. There is another flashback. When Thresh left, he saw Kester creeping up on her, which scared the living crap out of her. Christina then slapped him and he ran away laughing. Alexis asks what that scream was, and then Thresh told her that she was scared by an elk.

Thresh told him that there was more to the story, but he asked if there were any others who were interested in the story. He then told him that there is actually a group of people made up of the people who witnessed the event happen that are now trying to get answers. Thresh asked if he could be part of that group, and Ricardo accepted him.


Alexis is in the shower singing. The shower she has is automatic. She is singing a song we never heard of from her future album. She then presses the off button, but the water doesn't stop. As she tries pressing it, the water becomes even hotter, up to the point where it was burning her. She then realized that the door was locked. She was banging on the door for someone to come up and help. She then reads a message on her mirror "You scold me, I scald you <3 CC"

Everything was burning, a person then came in to save her. She opened up the door and pulled her out. Alexis opens her eyes to see who it is;it was Candlelight. Candlelight was gorgeous, her hair is long, she has different bangs, and her clothes are more mature. Alexis asked her why she was in her house. Candlelight told her that she wanted to stop by to visit before she heard that she was trapped in the bathroom shower. The doors weren't locked so she ran straight in and headed towards her bathroom to see where she was.

Alexis felt cold even though when Candlelight touched her, she was extremely hot. She was wrapped in several blankets, but she felt like she was in the arctic. Alexis walked her over to her bed, and took the blankets off. She put on the heater in her room, and went away for 10 minutes, leaving Alexis shivering. When Candlelight came back, she came back with all of these blankets that just came out of the dryer, nice and hot.

While Alexis was in bed, a figure in a black cloak climbed through her window. Alexis was mortified, but when she took of her hood, she couldn't believe who it was. It appeared to be Christina. She sat on her bed, and patted her head. She told her that everything was going to be okay. Alexis asked her where she has been, as Christina tells her it is complicated. She tells her that they need to know more, she forgot all about that night. But before she left, she told her that they need to stop CC, because they're after her too. She puts her hood back on, and climbs out the window, as Candlelight comes back in with some refreshments. Alexis looks out the window shouting wait, but she is already gone.


Alyssa is seen with Christina's step siblings building the shrine. It's almost done, and it looks absolutely beautiful. Storm hot-glues the middle so that Emerald could at the Christina figure on top. Bloodstone then places the message on the bottom part of the statue reading "In Loving Memory of Christina Sabrina Transon, 1998-2020 We will all miss you and keep you forever in our hearts." Bloodstone sees Emerald crying as she makes this. Storm, Bloodstone and Alyssa all hug her as they all really miss Christina.

Alyssa is then seen home eating dinner with Bob. Her chao comes to her and lays on her head. Bob asked her how her day was as she said it was good. She then goes upstairs in her room and looks at Milkshake. She hugs her very tightly, saying how they never spend time together anymore. For the past four years, Alyssa basically forgot that she had a chao, because she was so focused on other things like dance. Milkshake starts crying as Alyssa comforts her in her bed.


David is seen at a coffee shop again, this time with Cole and Candace. Cole talks about how amazing his experience was in Starcose City, and how he's made it big. He also said that he got a girlfriend a few days after he made it to the city. This girl happened to be Mindy. David had no idea who Mindy was but Candace did. She told him to keep an eye on her. Candace remembers her as extremely bipolar and evil. Cole the told her that they broke up after a week because of her craziness during the night.

David then gets a text from CC while Cole and Candace are talking, "Look at you David, so many famous friends. Fame doesn't mean nothing to me, except that they're more fun to play with <3 CC" Suddenly, the music in the room went from calming restaurant instrumental music to this heavy metal punk rock on full blasting volume, making everyone cover their ears. Even glass shattered. The three then ran out of the coffee shop.


Michelle is seen in her gym, practicing bars. She is teaching children how to do a flyaway on bars. One kid accidentally does a double flyaway instead of one. Michelle was highly impressed with this little brunette gymnast. It reminded her of what she was like back then. Practice was over, as Michelle went on the rod floor to work on getting her triple front on ground. She stepped a few times, and felt a weird chalky substance on her landing mat. It was blood. Horrified, she ran out of the gym.

While she was running, the TV turned on randomly to a competition back in 2015. It was the year that Mildred's cheer team won 1st place at Worlds. Mildred was so excited, and the video switched immediately as Mildred covered the camera. Michelle is then seen with Mildred, and Mildred's mother, doing yoga. The room had several candles. They were doing the tree pose, however, Mildred started to fall, almost running into the fire, but Michelle saved her. Michelle stopped to watch the video, she was crying a little.

All Six

The next day, the whole Transon-Svettreco family, plus Gold's side comes to see this shrine. They paid Alyssa a couple thousand dollars for her to split among the three step siblings for making such a beautiful shrine. The Originals also come down to see how amazing of a job Alyssa did. They all shared a moment of silence, sitting on the bench looking at the shrine.

A Red Coated figure comes down to see this shrine. "Christina?" Alexis asks, as the red coat figure starts to run away. The Originals then all run after her for about ten minutes before she turns around, and unhoods herself. She has no hair, but she is wearing a Christina mask. She pulls a bomb out of her pocket, and threatens to kill them. Alyssa and Alexis run away, but the remaining four stand there waiting. Sooner or later, they all run away. The Red Coated figure re-hoods herself and runs away.


We see the red coated figure from before. She is holding a sledgehammer. She's about to wreck Christina's shrine. However, CC is hiding behind the tree. They throw a rock at the figure. The scene then switches to a cave. CC is dragging red coat by their feet and places them in the cave, deep in.


  • Ricardo has a flashback of Thresh leaving the cabin right after Christina did
  • CC traps Alexis in her automatic shower, and hacks into the system to make the water scalding hot
  • Alyssa has finished building the shrine with Christina's step siblings
  • Ricardo visits Thresh for some answers
  • Thresh is revealed to be married, a father
  • Thresh says that Kester was stalking the Eight Mates and scared them, as Christina slapped her
  • Candlelight is the figure that saved Alexis, leaving her grateful, but confused as onto why she was in her house in the first place
  • Alexis has a sickness, most likely a high pitched fever, and Candlelight makes sure she is protected.
  • CC pours blood all over Michelle's landing matt
  • David, Cole and Candace are at the brew, but CC turns up the music to heavy metal at a blasting volume, causing them all to leave
  • Thresh joins the Originals
  • Christina comes through Alexis's window to talk about how dangerous CC is, or at least that's how we see it
  • Michelle sees an old video of Mildred, making her cry a little
  • The Eight Mates find the Red Coated figure that they saw in Alexis's video and run after it, until they threaten to throw a bomb at them, and all of them run away
  • In the ending, CC presumably kills Red Coat by throwing a rock at her head. We don't get to see who either of them are.
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