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Bye, Bye, Blondie

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The message in the newspaper from "CC"

Bye, Bye, Blondie is the seventh episode of the Summer of Sweet Secrets. It aired in the United States on June 22, 2016 and on December 25, 2015 in Japan.


With the confirmation of Christina dead, The Eight Mates are going to have a depressing and awkward week...

All Five

Alexis has planned to meet up with David, Michelle, Alyssa and Ricardo at a coffee shop. They were talking about how to tell Christina's family about her death. Alyssa told her that they could hide it in a happier theme, but Michelle remarked on how much of a stupid idea that was. David then looked and pointed at the TV. There was a news report talking about Christina's death with reporters and media all around the lake of the accident. They said that they are going to take the body to the house and inform the parents about this.

Carly decides to invite all five of them over for a dinner. She was extremely depressed, and so were her children. Even Tempest was crying. Carly said that they are going to hold a funeral for Christina on Saturday. Carly also suggested that they wear a black outfit that Christina made to make the sad day a lot more meaningful to her up in heaven. When they were done eating, Carly went upstairs saying that she "had to go take a shower". She left them alone at the table crying hysterically. She wasn't going to get over the loss that easily.

Saturday came a lot faster than expected. The girls all wore black clothing designed by Christina, and they all took Alexis's car to drive to the graveyard. They all walked out wearing black dresses, black suits for Ricardo and David, and sunglasses. Alexis, David and Michelle were three of the people chosen by Carly to give a speech at the ceremony since they are Christina's honorary best friends. Alexis, of course, had the most thoughtful one. As they lowered down the casket. The five Originals stood there, and threw in a hand-full of dirt onto the casket. They then get a message, "CC is for Christina, not Clown, because clearly this isn't funny buisness <3 CC"


Michelle is seen with Sebastian. They are at a park, nearby the fountain. They're having a talk about Sebastian's plans to leave the country. He wanted a long distance relationship, but Michelle said that she didn't know if it could work. Then, a newspaper comes rolling by hitting Michelle's foot. It was a newspaper about Christina's death with a message on it in red, "DING DONG, THE BITCH IS DEAD <3 CC" was written on it. She crumpled up the newspaper and threw it right into the garbage can.

Sebastian then sees Lili, his old employer, walking by. She glares at him and giggles, and continues walking. He then grabs Michelle's water bottle, fills it up, and throws it at her, hitting her right on the head, making her fall forward. Lili's entourage all circled Sebastian and threw him into the fountain. He then got angry, punched them. They pushed him on the ground, and they all ran away. He shouted that this isn't over. He then turned to see a very angry Michelle. She slapped him and told him to pack his bags tonight. She then walks away angrily. She then gets a text from CC "Wow, what a gentleman he was, it lasted for a good amount of time <3 CC"


It was a few days after Christina's funeral. Alyssa was with Bloodstone, Emerald and Storm. She started to tell them that it would be a good idea if they built a shrine to remember Christina by, made entirely out of stone. They all agreed to this thinking that it would be a thoughtful thing for Christina. They found an empty concrete place just waiting for a memorial to be built, and so the four got to work.


Ricardo is at home, searching on his laptop. He looked up the death of Christina online, and saw all of these horrible pictures of Christina's face with graffiti of the devil drawn on it. He then gets a text from CC on his computer through an email, "She's a bitch, you need answers, welcome to the Christina-Club, Ricardo <3 CC" He looked up "Prairie Lake". It showed results about Christina's body being found in the pool. He looked at the satellite pictures, and he finds one of all of The Eight Mates at the bottom of the hill, well minus Christina of course. He starts to gaze at the picture, as he starts to have a flashback about that night.

It was about two hours before Christina fell. Ricardo was apparently training with Thresh, when he heard a loud scream sounding like Christina. Ricardo then ran into Alexis and said that they need to see what happened. Thresh stopped them and told them that she was scared by an elk. Alexis then says that a scream like that doesn't come from just an animal. Christina then emerges from the woods scratching her head, saying that she's alright. The flashback then ends.

Ricardo then gets out of the flashback, and closes up his laptop. He dials someone on the phone, saying that they need to talk. It was Thresh.


It is night time, the black hooded figure, presumably CC. They are walking inside a room, Mary's. It was quiet, Mary was fast asleep. CC then places a capsule of pills on her counter and the screen fades black.


  • Christina's death report is broadcasted on the news
  • Carly and Christina's family hears about the death
  • Sebastian throws a water bottle at Lili's head, and her entourage picks a fight with him
  • Ricardo looks up Christina's death reports only to find messed up pictures of her, and the lake.
  • Ricardo has a flashback about what happened on the night she died;Christina was apparently "scared by an elk" and let out a very loud scream
  • Michelle breaks up with Sebastian
  • The funeral for Christina is held;Alexis, David and Michelle all give speeches before her grave is lowered into the ground
  • Alyssa asks for the help of Christina's stepsiblings and half-sister to create a shrine in the park to remember her by


  • This episode falls on Christmas in Japan
  • The title's episode is derived from "Bye, Bye, Baby", a popular song from the 70's
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