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My Sweet Life:Summer of Sweet Secrets
A Series of Surprises

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Cquote1 You thought I was Christina? You're such an idiot, she's dead, you idiot Cquote2
CC's message to Alexis

A Series of Surprises is the sixth episode of the Summer of Sweet Secrets. It aired in the United States on June 15, 2016 and December 18, 2015 in Japan.


The group is really facing the wrath of CC with all of these deadly torments. They might be one step closer to figuring out the face behind this awful person.


David is at the airport in Hermenes City. He looks down at his phone for the time and groans. There's no suitcases nearby his seat, so he's not going anywhere. He must be waiting for someone. It was Gate H- Starcose City. People started coming out, and others started starring and squealing. A group of fans were surrounding him. It was an orange echidna in green clothing and a snapback cap. David couldn't believe that his best friend since day one was here:Cole.

Cole spotted David, and lifted up his sunglasses. He called David over, and they did their old long handshake from high school. The two walked out of the airport, as the two talked about how their careers were in the past few years. They got in David's car as the two drove back to Mariala City. As he's driving, he gets a text from CC, "I would be talking to you about you reuniting with your hot best friend, but I was taught to not text and drive <3 CC" And as he got that text, a car driving the opposite way on the same lane crashed into him, knocking both of them off of the cliff.

The two landed at the bottom of a hill, it was very scenic and forest like with lots of trees. Both of them were able to get up and move, and tried walking to the nearest cabin to rest. Turns out that the nearest cabin was all the way up on a hill, which the two both hated. Cole stayed behind as David walked up. The cabin was open with a bed. David hoped on the bed hoping to fall asleep fast, but about an hour later, his rest was interrupted. Guess who comes walking in? Ricardo.

At first Ricardo was unrecognizable as David forgot his name, but Ricardo knew exactly who he was. However, while he was reintroducing himself, he told David that he was looking for him in Mariala City. How ironic! It turns out Ricardo has been getting threats and texts from "CC" too, and now, he wants in on the action, hoping to find out this mysterious figure as well.


Michelle opens the episode at Mildred's wake. It was about an hour later, and Paul, her father, was waiting for her to leave. Michelle was just crying. She was so upset about her death. She is then seen hugging her dead cousin and shaking her. Paul walks over there and slaps her daughter for shaking a corpse. He then starts to drag her by her tail to leave, as her mother was waiting for her to take her home. She then looks up to see a camera spying on her.

Michelle is then in her dressing room, wearing a black dress and putting her makeup on. She then looks and something catches her eye. One of her disguises, Jacob, went missing. She then gets a text from CC, "It's a lot easier walking around as this hobo you gave me <3 CC" Michelle then leaves and walks to the church for the funeral.

When she arrives, she is very early. She walks in the room of where the casket is held. There are a bunch of candles lit around it. She opens up the casket to see her cousin once more, however there was no body in the casket. There was however a message in red lipstick on the roof of the casket: "She's dead, get over it <3 CC" Michelle, horrified, runs out.

At the funeral, Michelle doesn't seem as sad, now knowing that the priest is blessing a casket without a corpse, but the others didn't know that. Michelle was texting Alexis on how CC stole Mildred's body. When the funeral is over, she leaves while on her phone, still texting Alexis.


Alexis is driving Alyssa over to the Malwire Asylum. Alyssa is then seen at the front desk of the prison, asking the counterperson to visit Mimi's cell. She told her that she is not allowed to have visitors. Alyssa then gave up 300 dollars to let her in the cell, as she tried to reassure her to change her mind. However, Alyssa persuaded her to let her in, and so she did. When she reached her cell, punching a Christina dummy. Alyssa opened up the cell, as Mimi let out a mighty roar.

Mimi remembers Alyssa quite well, but she tried punching her in the face. Alyssa stopped her hand. She then told her that she didn't come to chit chat, but for answers. That's when Mimi told her side of the story that happened for years ago. Mimi was stalking the girls with her team, when she saw Christina falling from the place. She said that she was pushed, but the figure was way too far away. When she ran over to her to see if she was dead, she wasn't breathing. It was confirmed. She was truly dead.

Alyssa told her that it might have been Thresh, but Mimi said that Thresh came just minutes after her fall, making it look like Thresh did it. Mimi then said that she took the body out of the place and dragged it into the lake so that nobody would suspect it. She then ordered the others to clean up the blood. Alyssa tried asking her more questions, but the counterperson came in saying visiting hours were over. Mimi then punched another hole in the wall as Alyssa left, frightened.


Alexis is having a cup of coffee with Jamie, who wasn't spitting in her face at all. The two were having a nice talk about careers, and Alexis asked her if she knew anything about the night that Christina disappeared. Jamie then told her that they were stalking her that night. She then told her that Mimi was the one who found Christina's body dead. Mimi was happy for the next two months, and so were the rest. Alexis asked Jamie what prison facility she was held in, as she told her she was held in the Malwire Asylum for the Criminally Insane.

Alexis was home and on her laptop. She looked up "Malwire Asylum", and the mental hospital was the very first thing that popped up. She then looked up an address. It was in Falenbock, about two hours away. She then remembered how Mimi favored Alyssa out of all of The Eight Mates, so Alexis texted her about the plan and drove her to the asylum.

When Alyssa returned home, she immediately texted Alexis and Michelle about the whereabouts of Christina. Michelle was at the funeral when this happened so Alexis went by herself. When she was there, she was running towards the lake, they find a bunch of men standing around it. She asks them to move before she tramples them, but they force her to stop. They then show them a video of them pulling Christina's body out of the lake. She was confirmed dead.

On the way home, Alexis was crying hysterically. This was her best friend for basically a generation. It was a horrible thing to hear about her death. She tried turning on the radio for sad music, and a sad song comes on, the radio then says "Here's a special request to Alexis from her best friend CC, it's called Miserable!" She gets home and runs to her room, crying into her pillow. She then gets a text from CC, "You thought I was Christina? You're such an idiot, she's dead, you idiot <3 CC"


  • Michelle attends Mildred's wake, crying on her corpse
  • Cole returns to Mariala City
  • Alexis meets up with Jamie to talk about the night Christina was murdered
  • Jamie tells her that Christina might have died during the fall, which of course made Mimi extremely excited and happy
  • Mimi is revealed to have been locked in the Malwire Asylum for the Criminally Insane
  • Michelle realizes that her Jacob disguise went missing
  • While driving, an unknown figure, presumably CC, crashed into David's car, making the two fall off of a cliff
    • David and Cole both luckily made it out alive
  • David walks up to a cabin for some rest, while Cole stays behind
  • Ricardo returns to the series and joins the group
  • Alexis sends Alyssa to go to the Insane Asylum to get answers out of Mimi, since Alyssa is Mimi's favorite of the group
  • Mimi is seen locked in an insane asylum
  • Mimi tells Alyssa that Christina was pushed off of the cliff minutes before Thresh arrived there, and then she says that she threw Christina's body into the lake to see if she's really dead
  • Before Mildred's funeral, Michelle finds that the corpse is missing with a CC message on the roof of the casket
  • Alyssa texts Alexis to go to the lake to see if Christina is alive
  • A bunch of men, associated with the government and police, stop Alexis to show her a video
  • Christina is confirmed to be dead
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