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House of Lies

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Cquote1 Are you just going to stand there and type on a damn keyboard, or are you going to help this patient?! If you're going to take a while, make it quick!!! Cquote2
David to the counterperson, right before Candace was rushed into an ICU

House of Lies is the third episode of the Summer of Sweet Secrets. It aired in the United States on May 25, 2016 and November 27, 2015 in Japan.


They all are being harassed by "CC" and still questioned the video. Now, Alyssa is in on the action and joined in on the disappearance trail.

David was up texting Candace, with the thought of what CC told him to do. He texted her "Actually, there's something I've been meaning to ask you..." After she replied, he didn't respond for about two hours, as she sent three more what messages: "What??" "Please tell me" "You're scaring the shit out of me what do you want, David????" He then said never mind.

Alexis is with some fans, signing autographs in the park. She was even asked to sign pictures of herself. However, there was one picture that made Alexis give a horrified look. It was a closeup of her and Kevin making out. She asks the fan where she got that from, and told her that a person in a black hoodie was giving them away.

Alexis thanks the fan by giving her a back stage pass to her next concert, and runs off to find her car. When she gets there, pictures of the two making out were all over the car doors, with graffiti saying "KeLexis forever" and "OTP" and "KevinXAlexis". Horrified, she takes out her phone and takes a picture of the car. Frustrated, she decides to fly to town square using her tail.

Alyssa is practicing some of her tumbling skills with her friends at home. She then gets a text from an unknown number "i c that ur a part of the christina club, welcome! u should totes go 2 the town square, ur not gonna believe this <3 CC" After a few hours of practicing and fun with her friends, she decides to head down to the town square to see what was going on.

When she arrived, she found a figure in a black hoodie. The figure motioned for her to come, as she creepily walked towards him. As he was about to show her the picture, she got a text from one of her friends showing where Candace's house was, going down in flames. It also read, "SOS, come to the hospital right now!"

Michelle is with her boyfriend, Sebastian on her terrace enjoying a lunch and some tea. Sebastian and Michelle were both talking about someone they both hate;Lili. They were also talking about food, since they were eating. Sebastian said that he had to leave early, leaving Michelle alone. She then gets a text, "Michelle, have you met Kevin? Looks like Lexi and him have a thing. I'm selling them in the town square if you want them, maybe you'll even find out who I am? You'd be a dumbass not to come <3 CC"

The next day, David and Danny were walking by the area where Candace lives, and smells fire. He looks over to search for it. He hears Candace screaming, as he bolts over there as fast as he can. He sees that her house is going down in flames. Before he could rush in to save him, he sees Candace falling out of a window. David and Danny both caught her, but it was like she was in a deep sleep..... or maybe worse. David then gets a text from "CC", "Didn't I tell you I'd break her? Now try to break the news to your clique <3 CC".

Michelle is then seen in her walk-in closet, and picked out a disguise she hasn't used in quite a while. She applied the clothing, the colored contacts, the wig, the fake stubble and the excess dirt to transform herself from Michelle to "Jacob". She then gets a text "You're gonna miss this if you don't hurry up. I thought you were supposed to be fast." Grunting, "he" gets out of the house.

When Alexis arrives, she quickly swoops down and starts her search for the black hooded figure. She then walks around looking both ways to find a black hooded figure. She is then called on by a guy in green clothing and brown hair. He then tells her that it's Michelle, in disguise as Jacob. "He" tells her that "he" will take care of the hooded figure. Meanwhile, Alexis gets a text "I'm your BFF remember? I know all of your secrets <3 CC"

She, as Jacob, heads down to the town square to find them, but she sees Alexis is on the same hunt. "Jacob" calls her and motions her to come. Michelle didn't want Alexis to mess anything up, so she insisted that she'll go down and take care of this, and so she did.

"Jacob" then walks over to the table with the black hooded figure and takes the pictures, and puts them in "his" satchel. "He" then takes the rest of the boxes of photos to put in the satchel. The black hooded figure takes out a gun and aims it at "him". "He" then forcefully swings the large bag right across their face, knocking them down to the ground and runs away. "YOU'RE WELCOME!" She shouts to Alexis as she runs past her. The black hooded figure still lies on the ground.

The scenes switch to Danny and David rushing Candace down to the hospital, with a few others, including Mary, following close behind. She was immediately put in an intensive care unit. She wasn't in a coma, but she was knocked unconscious for seven hours. The doctor said that she was facing heat exhaustion, and as she was jumping off of, she was unconscious and fell off.

Her temperature was about 106.7 degrees. She was given ice bags and an AC over her. As she started to regain consciousness, her temperature started to go down. Her temperature was now 101.8, a minor fever when she woke up. The doctor ordered her to go home to get some rest, but the problem was her house was burned down. David got another text, "Oh the sacrifices that you make for love! Too bad she's not in a good condition to return the love to you for another week <3 CC"

Alyssa rushed to the hospital only to find Mary standing outside of the a curtain. Alyssa hugged her and asked what was going on. She told her about the Candace incident and her house burning down. She then runs out and goes back to her house.

Mary entered the area Candace was in, and told them that Alyssa stopped by to see what happened. Candace was happy in her bed to see her three friends, one of them being her boyfriend, staying there for her.

When she gets to her house, she asks her dad if she heard about what happened with Candace. He replied that he's hasn't, so Alyssa tells him the basic gist of it. She then persuades her father to let Candace stay with them. Bob and Alyssa hop in the car to find the group and tell them the news. She is allowed to stay until she finds her own living space again.

The black hooded figure is at Michelle's house. They walk up the stairs to find the hallway and makes a right. They then go into the bathroom and finds the Jacob disguise on the floor. They grab every single solitary piece and part of the disguise, and puts it on. After words, the figure takes out a mirror to see what they look like, but it blacks out so the audience can't see the face behind the disguise.


  • CC exposes a picture of Kevin and Alexis making out on the couch, and it goes viral
  • David almost tells Candace that he is going to break up with her, but he calls it quits because he loves her too much
  • An unknown person, presumably CC, burns Candace's house down
  • Candace is revealed to have fallen out of the window, but she was knocked unconscious during the fall instead of after
  • Michelle reveals that she is still dating Sebastian
  • Alyssa persuades her father to let Candace stay at her house until she finds the money
  • An angry mob of Bloomers (Alexis's fans) attack Kevin
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