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Summer of Sweet Secrets
Bad Romance

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Cquote1 I've heard a lot about you, and your music is great. Do you.... want to go out? Cquote2
Kevin to Alexis

Bad Romance is the second episode of the Summer of Sweet Secrets. It aired in the United States on May 18, 2016 and November 19, 2015 in Japan.


Now agreeing to keep the "CC Thing" a secret from their own cliques, Alexis, David, and Michelle go back to their almost normal lives, with the pressure of Christina's unknown fate and what can possibly happen to their friends.

Alexis is out with Gabriella and Abigail at the mall, she was about to talk to them about Christina going missing until she gets a text. "If you show the video, I'll make sure I'll suffocate you in a red coat, bitch! <3 CC" So she just goes on. She also receives a notification about a yard sale;her apartment room really needs some new decor, so she left Gabriella and Abigail behind an hour later and headed down.

David is seen skateboarding with Danny, Candace, Carlos and Monica. For about an hour or two, they were showing off on the half pipe, until they just started walking around the city. An old newspaper, conveniently talking about Christina's disappearance rolled on Carlos's leg, as David picked it up and read it. There was graffiti drawn all over her face making her look like the devil. He crumbled up the paper and threw it away.

Michelle is coaching a few little girls at her gym, correcting them on form. Suddenly, she is "blindfolded" by the hands of someone who she didn't recognize, but when she turned around her jaw dropped. It was Alyssa, and she looked way more different than the last time she saw her. She sends her a text to Alexis and David saying look who she found.

When Alexis went to the yard sale, she bumped into a guy holding a very expensive looking glass figurine. Alexis catches it just in time, no scratch. He thanks her for saving that and introduces himself as Kevin. They start talking for a while and realize they share a common interest in music. Kevin asks Alexis out to dinner, as she said she'll make plans later on.

For the whole day after practice, Michelle and Alyssa spent the day at her house. Now owning a mansion, Michelle was asking her what's been going on, as the two sort of connected. Alyssa then told her that she received a video from an unknown person. When she showed it, it was the same exact video that Alexis got. The two watched the video as she found out Alyssa was now suspicious of the red coat person too.

Alexis and Kevin go on their first date at a seafood place, ordering crab legs and a side of fried calamari. They were talking about both of their successes. Alexis was shocked to hear that he was a country star, saying she expected him to be a rapper. After leaving, he drives her to her house. She then invites him in, as they sit down on her couch watching Netflix.

Sooner or later, the two start to make out on the couch, which turns straight into lying down and cuddling and "having fun with each other" watching "Lovey Dovey". About two hours later, he leaves her house, much to her dismay, expressing how much of a fun time she had. Right before she was about to go to bed, she received a text from CC "Someone's been a very bad girl in class today, and bad behavior always comes with punishment! <3 CC"

Michelle is then telling Alyssa about the whole story with what happened and she said Thresh was the number one suspect right off of the bat. However, Michelle tells her Thresh has no memory of what happened, which she pointed out as a big lie. Now both of them were scared to even see Thresh again.

David is then later found at a café with Candace. The two are just talking about everything that's going on, Candace is swimming for her college team and David is thinking about joining a band as their drummer. The two then end the date with a romantic make out. David then received a text from CC "You've been dating that ugly slut for 8 years! Break up or I'll break her <3 CC"

The Red Coated figure goes into a draw full of pictures of Candace and her friends from four years ago. They then take out a picture of a selfie David and Candace took. They tear the picture in half, separating David and Candace. She puts the David side back in the draw and the scissors away. She then gets a lighter and lights the picture of Candace on fire and puts it in the garbage can.


  • Alexis meets a country singer named Kevin
  • Alyssa, now sixteen, returns to the show and reunites with Michelle
  • Kevin takes Alexis out on a date, where they then hit it off in her apartment
  • David and Candace lasted 8 years and still going
  • David sends an extremely threatening text from CC threatening to end her life if he doesn't break up with her
  • Alyssa tells Michelle that she has seen the video Alexis showed the three before from "CC", meaning they are all on the same page headed on the same trail.
  • With that being said, Alyssa joins their group.
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