My Sweet Life/Summer of Sweet Secrets

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Cquote1 Thresh? Where's Christina? Where is she?! WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!?!?! Cquote2
Alexis talking to Thresh at the cliff four years ago

Pilot is the first episode of the second season of My Sweet Life. It aired in America on May 11, 2016 and in Japan on November 12, 2015.


June 2, 2015;The day right after school got out. Alexis, David, Christina, Michelle, Thresh, Krys, Alyssa and Ricardo are all hanging out at Ricardo's den, over a bonfire. They all agreed to crash at his place to celebrate the first day of yet another amazing summer, and end of high school. They're all having a blast, and partied until 2AM. When they woke up, five hours later, Alexis noticed that Thresh and Christina have both gone missing.

The remaining six search for the two, for about thirty five minutes. They then later find Thresh on the edge of a cliff holding a shovel. Alexis then asked him where Christina went, and Thresh then looked down. A loud thump was heard, as they all ran down the hill of Ricardo's den, they find that there was a dent in the ground, but absolutely nothing there. Problem was, Christina didn't show up to anyone for the next day..... or week.... or month.

May 11, 2019;Four years later, Alexis, now 22 years old, received a text from a blocked number. It was a video message from three years ago;Alexis was with Gabriella and Abigail at the beach, and then a blonde figure in red clothing passed by. Could this be Christina? She sent this out to Michelle and later David, as the three of them reunited to figure this out.


  • There is a four year time jump from 2015 to 2019
  • Alexis is 22, Michelle is almost 23, and David is 24
  • Christina goes missing
  • Alexis, David and Michelle reunite for the first time in four years
  • The three of them get sent a text of an old video with a golden figure, presumably Christina.
  • The girls get threatening texts by "CC"


  • The girls have all did some pretty incredible things over the four year time jump:
    • Alexis came out with three more studio albums, and a Christmas EP.
    • David won the all-time X-Games title and made it into the skateboard hall of fame
    • Michelle competed in the 2017 Olympics in Stanson;She had the All Around Gold Medal, placing 1st on floor, 3rd on bars, 6th on bars and 2nd on vault
    • Alyssa left the MSYDC, now entering the world of stardom
    • Thresh was the 2x Grand Champion of the Hermenes Tournament
    • Ricardo now owns his own café in Mariala City
  • This season was inspired by Pretty Little Liars
  • The three wear new outfits;Alexis wears her green popstar outfit, David wears a red and black jacket for the XGames, and Michelle wears her former outfit in the scrapped series, Girls World
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