My Sweet Life/MSL26

My Sweet Family (Japanese: マイスウィート卒業 Maisuu~īto sotsugyō) is the twenty-sixth episode of the rebooted Mariala Anime series, My Sweet Life. It first aired on October 16, 2015 in the United States, and on June 1, 2015 in Japan.


The year everyone's been waiting for has finally come! High School Graduation! With six of the Eight Mates being seniors, with the exception of Krys;in college, and Alyssa in middle school, Alexis, David, Christina, Michelle, Thresh and Ricardo all graduate this year! However, two weeks before graduation, each of those six were called down at seprate times during the day.

During those meetings they have been told that they are failing every single class. If they fail the fourth quarter, they fail the whole year! If they don't get at least one C+ before the quarter ends, they will not graduate high school. Not knowing what to do, they freak out.

During lunch, they talk about what happens. They promise to get to the bottom of what happened. Thresh brings up the point that all of them at least got a B in Phys. Ed, which is nearly impossible to fail. Alexis also mentioned that she gets an A+ in AP Chemistry all year. This brings them to the conclusion that they didn't fail. Someone is hacking into their grade files, and changing them all to F's. Who could this be?

Ending (Contains Spoilers)

Knowing that they have been through this before, they go to their primary suspects;Team Fashion. They tell them that they didn't do it. Liars. But the problem is, they really didn't do it. Chloe came out clean on how they were planning on building a contraption to kill Christina. Mimi then slaps her, so they aren't lying. That was their only suspect. Until they found out that it involved hacking a computer.

They know only one computer wiz like that;Kester. Kester knows anything and everything about hacking and he came out clean. He did it. Problem.... not solved? While most of them thought that they did it, one of them, Michelle, noticed that it sounded like he was memorizing lines. This means that someone told him to say that so he would take the fall.

Sounds like something that Mindy would do. They all storm up to her and ask her questions. She sounded like she was reading from a script. Christina then asks her if someone asked her to say this, and she replied no. Thresh stares at her deeply and it looks scary. She can't take it. She said Jamie decided to frame Kester, Jessie, and Jayden into thinking that they did it. Problem solved.

At the headquarters of Team Fashion, they all were having tea, until the lights turned off. The six of the eight mates surrounded her. Alexis's hands were filled with ice shards, David's with lava balls, Christina's with leaves, Michelle's with thunderbolts, Thresh's with shadow balls, and Ricardo with his fists ready to fight. They all fire their attacks and defeat Team Fashion.

Team Fashion were placed under arrest for masterminding this whole plan, nand expelled from the MHS without graduating. The Eight Mates then were seen at the Mariala High School Football Field, with the principal accepting the Class of 2015. They all throw their caps up with joy.


Major Events

  • Jayden the Hawk appears for the first time
  • Alexis, David, Christina, Michelle, Ricardo, Thresh, and the rest of the Class of 2015 all graduate High School


  • This episode focuses on everyone
  • This is the Season Finale
  • In the canon universe, only David and Thresh graduate in 2015. Alexis, Christina, Michelle and Ricardo graduate in 2016, and everything else stays the same.
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