My Sweet Family (Japanese:マイスウィートファミリー Maisuu~ītofamirī) is the twenty-fifth episode of the rebooted Mariala Anime series, My Sweet Life. It first aired on October 9, 2015 in the United States, and on May 25, 2015 in Japan.


It's that time of year again! The Transon Family Reunion! Once every two years, all of the alive Transons, even Gold's side, and the Svettreco's, along with Amethyst's side, comes to see each other and party! Through a random computer, they see which house will be hosting the party. And this year it's gonna be at the Transon-Svettreco Mansion! With Lina and Derek out of the house now, Carly's second oldest, Christina is going to be the host of the party!

With this being her first time, at the dinner table, Christina expressed her nervousness. While Carly said to not worry, Tempest made things even more stressful for her by restating that the party is tomorrow. She then FaceChats Lina and ask what she has to do. Lina gives her instructions on what to do over the next few hours.

She gets done by 4:30 in the morning and drags herself to bed. With only four hours of sleep, she wakes herself up at eight o'clock and gets ready. At exactly 11:30, tons of cars go racing down the street and park by Christina's mansion. The whole family, all dressed up fancily by Christina, are waiting at the stairs waving at all of them. Being host, Christina takes the podium and tells everyone to stand on the front yard. She says a big intro speech talking about herself and saying the events she has planned for everyone.

She planned so much stuff;like obstacle courses for the little kids, a Lexi Bloom concert for the Lexinators, and the whole ball room is filled with people, with Ingrid's orchestra playing. Will all of her hard work pay off? Will they like what she planned?

Ending (Contains Spoilers)

In the end, a few family members go into Christina's Treasure Vault and steal her gems. Noticing this, Christina calls up her mother, stepfather, stepbrother, sister, half-sister, and stepsiblings to help her fight them off. In the end, Christina's the last one standing. Then Gold walks in and finishes off the fight with his daughter. They end up victorious, and one of them starts to glow. It was Team Fashion! They run off as they chase them away.

In the end of the day, while everyone is saying goodbye, Christina and her siblings look at all of the family photos that they took. Christina knew that this was probably the best family reunion that they have ever had!


Major Events

  • Sasha, Alexis's older sister, is introduced for their first time
  • Shadow, Silver and Amy return the the series for the first time
  • Mimi shows off her shapeshifting for the first time


  • This episode focuses on Christina.
  • According to the creator, this was probably one of the hardest episodes to make art for.
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