My Sweet Two-Face (Japanese:マイスウィートトゥーフェイス Maisuu~ītoto~ūfeisu) is the twenty-fourth episode of the rebooted Mariala Anime series, My Sweet Life. It first aired on October 2, 2015 in the United States, and on May 18, 2015 in Japan.


It was about 5:30..... in the morning! Alexis and her arch enemy, Mindy are fighting on the Mariala Beach. Since it's so early, nobody is even there to watch the fight. While Mindy is using her water attacks, Alexis uses her nature attacks to receive the upper-hand. Mindy then lands a water gun on Alexis and she lands on her side. This accidentally makes her butt-dial Christina. Woken up by her phone, Christina gets out of bed and answers it. When she hears all the noise, and the sounds of the ocean, she quickly puts on her summer outfit and hops in her car.

Christina parks her car and arrives at the beach where she still sees Alexis and Mindy fighting. She gasps, runs up. As this happens the sun starts to rise. Christina breaks the two up and Christina sees Mindy's whole body flash like a light bulb. This was blocked from Alexis's vision. Alexis runs away to get ready for the day and then Mindy walks away onto a rock.

Christina walks up to Mindy and asks for her name. Both introduce themselves to each other. Over the next few days they started to become better and better friends. They started to hang out and collaborate on fashion ideas and kinetic training. Christina thought of Mindy to be a very sweet and compassionate woman. However, there was one problem that Christina couldn't quite understand.... There's actually a few.

First, Mindy always says that most of the time, she can only hang out until sunset. Two, when she can hang out after the sun goes down, she starts to ask Christina for money and weapon ideas. Third, she starts to mummer strange things to herself. Four, when she can hangout after sundown, she asks a lot of questions about Alexis, specifically her powers and weaknesses. Five, when they are out after sunset, she acts a bit more rude than she does in the day. What does this possibly mean?

Ending (Contains Spoilers)

After a week and a half, Christina had enough and devises a plot. She meets up with Mindy at exactly 5:50PM, and ties her to a tree. With the help of Krys's magic, she couldn't be released until she said. Then Christina started to ask Mindy several questions about her behavior until she finally spit out the truth: She has a curse.

She can only hang out until sunset because at when the sun sets, she transforms into her evil form. She asks for weapons and money to buy technology to kill Alexis. She mummers things to herself because she's telepathically talking to her other form. She asks a lot of questions about Alexis to find strategies to defeat her in battle. And she acts ruder than she usually was because her night self is an awful person. As the sun goes down, she flashes again.

She then spits on Krys's horn to make her magic stop and break free. She then fights Christina and has the upper hand. Alexis then reappears to finish the battle they started. After intensely battling, Alexis wins and leaves Mindy on the ground. Christina apologizes for not knowing this and promises to keep her double identity a secret. Even the evil side of her became friends with her after all.


Major Events

  • Mindy is introduced for the first time
  • Mindy reveals her curse to Christina


  • This episode focuses on Christina.
  • Mindy's curse's trigger is different than her mainstream counterpart;In the canon universe, Mindy's curse is activated when she falls asleep. However, in the MSL universe, her curse activates at sundown.
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