My Sweet Recovery (Japanese:マイスウィート回復 Maisuu~īto kaifuku) is the twenty-third episode of the rebooted Mariala Anime series, My Sweet Life. It first aired on September 25, 2015 in the United States, and on May 11, 2015 in Japan.


On a Wednesday morning, Michelle woke up and took a look at her calendar. The date today was circled several times saying "Clear date". She jumped up and down for joy. Her long long wait is over. She's cleared for sports again! She put on her clothes, grabbed a breakfast bar, and raced out the door.

She decided to run to school in honor of her restoration. She felt free for once. With her friends, she went on and on about how happy she felt that her long wait was over. Christina then asked Michelle if she wanted to do some gymnastics after school since she is able to now.

The two of them walk to Michelle's gym, which isn't open today, but Michelle always goes there when it's empty to have full concentration. Michelle told Christina to start. Christina then performed a roundoff whip back triple full. Michelle.... she just runs and falls.

Onto the next event, Christina did a practice bars routine, involving a straddle kip, a sole circle, and a full-twisting double somersault dismount. Michelle.... all she did was a pullover and fell off the low bar... Next was the beam, Christina performed graceful leaps, a back tuck, and a full and a half front somersault dismount, and Michelle.... just walked on the beam and jumped off. Finally, there was the vault. Christina performed a yurchenko in- pike out, and Michelle.... performed a squat jump.

Christina then noticed that she was nervous about something. She then walks Michelle to her house and invites the rest of the Eight Mates to come. Christina brings up the discussion of Michelle being nervous about gymnastics. Alexis then says that her knee might not be as strong as it used to be. Alyssa then brought up the fact that she is nervous that she will have another knee accident. Thresh then brings up that she's just a wuss. Then, the doorbell rings. Michelle opens the door. A bunch of masked figures throw her in a bag and take leave immediately. The seven of them follow the crooks.

About a half hour later, Michelle ends up at a set filled with a bunch of dangerous stunty things. Michelle's best friend from Hollywood, a man with a beret and a clipboard helped her up. Michelle slapped the man and demanded an answer as for why he brought her here. He said that they were making a commercial for "Super Sereal", a new cereal brand. What they did, is they took athletes from all around the regions to help shoot this. Her best friend from Hollywood, Paisley the Pony was in this. They asked her to do gymnastics to inspire children. What will she do now?

Ending (Contains Spoilers)

After taking it into consideration, Michelle bravely accepts their request and performs the shoot. All she had to do was perform an amazing pass into the block pit. Nervously, she gets onto the floor, and performs a pass; As she takes the hurdle, the seven of the remaining Eight Mates come in and immediately halt her. They then ask the director what they were doing with her, and he explained it all.

Their expressions drastically changed from angry to frightened as they were worried about what Michelle was going to do. Michelle performed a simple roundoff back layout. As the director yelled cut, the Eight Mates help Michelle out of the pit. She then falls in pain. They're all frightened, but... she was only acting! She's perfectly fine. The Eight Mates angrily yell at her as she is hysterically laughing.

As they walk home, Michelle then feels a strong pain in her knee, a real strong pain, but it doesn't dislocate again. She then is sent a video of the commercial, as they all watch it together. Going back to before she was interrupted, they all nod their heads. They agree that the seven of them will help Michelle in any way possible until she returns to her normal self. One hundred percent.

Alexis will treat and massage her knee whenever she needs it. not wants it. David will be her physical therapist and build up the muscle in her knee. Christina will slowly train Michelle in gymnastics to slowly regain her skills in all four events. Alyssa will help her with her flexibility and stretching so that she can be pliable and bendable. Krys will use magic to make sure that her knee won't break for the next three years. Thresh will help her with conditioning, focusing on that knee. Ricardo will run laps with Michelle everyday to help her knee get stronger.


Major Events

  • Michelle fully recovers from her knee injury
  • Michelle is cleared to do gymnastics
  • The Eight Mates do a variety of things to help Michelle return to her normal healthy state


  • This episode focuses on Michelle.
  • This episode takes place exactly fourteen weeks (About 3 months) after the events of MSL09.
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