My Sweet Grief (Japanese:マイスウィート悲しみ Maisuu~īto kanashimi) is the twenty-second episode of the rebooted Mariala Anime series, My Sweet Life. It first aired on September 18, 2015 in the United States, and on May 4, 2015 in Japan.


It was a Friday at Mariala High School, with only two weeks of school left. Everyone is already in the swing of summer..... almost everyone. Aria France, better known as Candlelight the Echidna was absent from school, and she's almost never misses a day. Of all the Eight Mates, Thresh is the closest to Candlelight. He already knows why she's not in school. He actually cared about this. Not a joke.

At Christina's house, while The Eight Mates (without Alexis) were hanging in her bedroom, Christina brings up Candlelight's depression. Although deep inside Thresh is guilty, his dull and dark demeanor masterfully hides it. However, Ricardo noticed that Thresh knew something about it. Thresh then told them that the reason Candlelight wasn't there because this day marked the three year anniversary of her father's death.

Ricardo then turned this scenario into a mission, just for Thresh and one person who he selects. His mission is to cheer up Candlelight. Thresh chooses Christina to go on this mission with him. She's already been through a lot, like witnessing her father's death, her boyfriend moving away, and so much more. Thresh and Christina can definitely make her feel better. With Christina's positive attitude and Thresh not showing any sort of emotion, how can they fail?

At exactly 7:15PM, Thresh and Christina go to Candlelights house. Her mother, Ariel answers it. She tells the two that she isn't in the mood to talk to anyone. Thresh then tells her that it's important. After saying maybe, Thresh picks up a rock and crushes it with his bare hand. Frightened, she then tells the two to come on in. Running upstairs, the two find Candlelight. She's crying. The door is locked. Thresh knocks, and Candlelight tells them to go away. He then bangs on the door, and she doesn't respond. Thresh then lets Christina perform a Piercing Thorn Fortissimo on the door to bust it open. The two enter her room, and the floor is cover in a foot and a half of tears.

Candlelight then told the two the story about how her father died, and how he "fell" off of the balcony. However, what they don't know is that he didn't fall, he was pushed. On that evening, a hooded black figure that disappeared in an instant. Only Candlelight saw him. She didn't know who he or she was. Starting to cry again, they must find a way to make her feel better, but how?

Ending (Contains Spoilers)

The Eight Mates look to their Scientific Guinness friend, Kester. Using his time machine, himself, Candlelight, Thresh and Christina go back three years ago to reveal the identity of the hooded figure. The hooded figure runs away and uses psychokinesis to levitate. Using his levitation, Kester catches him in the air, while the others follow him on foot. Kester then finds a slaser, which is like a taser, but puts people to sleep instead of electrocuting them. He then zaps the hooded figure, and it falls to the ground.

Candlelight then looks at her two friends. She then takes off the hood to reveal the most unexpected person;her boyfriend. Telling him how mad she is at him for taking his father's life, not only does he dump her, but he makes Thresh beat him senselessly to a pulp. He is then arrested and sentenced to fifteen years in solitary confinement. The four of them step onto the return pad to head back home.

Candlelight then realizes that Thresh, Christina and Kester slowly disappear. The timeline that they existed in no longer existed, nor are the people who were in it. Nothing really changed for them, except for the fact that Candlelight is single


Major Events

  • Candlelight reveals a dark secret about her father's death
  • Kester's time machine makes it's first appearance
  • Evergreen is revealed to have pushed Candlelight's father off of the balcony for not accepting him as her boyfriend
  • Evergreen was sentenced to fifteen years in prison
  • Alexis is revealed to be shooting a hair-product commercial


  • This episode focuses on Thresh.
  • In the canonical universe, Evergreen never pushed her father, he just fell.
  • This is the first episode where Alexis is absent and not recording a song or music video.
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