My Sweet Stepdad (Japanese:マイスウィート継父 Maisuu~īto mamachichi) is the twenty-first episode of the rebooted Mariala Anime series, My Sweet Life. It first aired on August 14, 2015 in the United States, and on April 27, 2015 in Japan.


Since her daughter is at the mall with her friends, Carly has the whole day to herself. She decides to walk down to the bar that her husband works at and get a few drinks. However, when she walks in, she realizes that he is incredibly drunk. There must be over 300 bottles of beer and alcohol. Inside Tempest's mind, everything was a rainbow colored spectrum, and Carly's face looked distorted. Her couldn't speak proper english, walk right or anything. Carly obviously saw his condition, and told him to come home. He refused, had another drink. That one did it. He passed out on the shelf of beer bottles, as it crashed over him. He was unconscious, and it looked like he was dead.

Carly called 911, as her and a few other people lifted up the big shelf of beer and wine, as she and another girl picked up the grey hedgehog. Then they laid him down on the stretcher and put him in the ambulance car. Carly got into her car, and sped down the road. Several cars beeped their horns at her, but she didn't care;her husband isn't in a good state. She puts on her bluetooth and calls her children and stepchildren, she told them to meet her at the hospital.

Christina rushed out of the mall, and got in her car to pick up the other three. When she got at her house, the other three walked in the car. Bloodstone was the most nervous. Like her mom, Christina raced down the road to the hospital, beeping out other cars and running through red lights. The three in the back were frightened. Then, the children got out of the car and rushed inside the hospital. He was in room 104. A nurse stopped them, and asked if they were at all related to them. They said they were his children, and moved along. They found Tempest lying down. Bloodstone thought he was dead.

Tempest's eyes opened, as the children gave a sigh of relief in unison. He had no idea where he was! He didn't know who the children were! He didn't know who he was.... He woke up with severe amnesia. He can walk, talk, and remember everything from school, but he didn't know his personal life anymore. How are the kids and Carly going to adjust to this new life? Things will sure be different from now on.


  • Tempest the Hedgehog
  • Christina the HedgeCat
  • Storm the Hedgehog
  • Emerald the Hedgehog
  • Bloodstone the Hedgehog
  • Carly the Hedgehog
  • Alexis Petals
  • Michelle the Cat
  • Lina the Hedgehog

Major Events

  • Christina is revealed to have a driver's license and a car.


  • This episode focuses on Christina.
  • In the canonical universe, this isn't the first time Tempest ends up with amnesia.
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