My Sweet Concert (Japanese:マイスウィートコンサートMaisuu~ītokonsāto) is the twentieth episode of the rebooted Mariala Anime series, My Sweet Life. It first aired on August 14, 2015 in the United States, and on April 27, 2015 in Japan.


Several months ago, on the same day as Christina's pageant, Alyssa was at dance practice. Last week, she won the overall high score soloist at a dance competition. However, when she was at dance practice, her coach, Birtha, received a phone call from a famous music producer. He wanted to work with Alyssa. Birtha had to talk to Alyssa's mother, Vanilla about what just happened. Apparently, she said that Alyssa was a very talented singer, and she wanted her to release a song.

After hearing the news from her coach, Alyssa was ecstatic. She was so happy to produce a song. Even though it would be a lot of hard work, she was happy to finally get her big break and sing. And who knows? Maybe she'll get to go on tour with her idol, Alexis Anastasia Alana! Being only 13, she had a lot of trouble coming up with lyrics, so a few people from the studio helped her out.

When she recorded the finished product, the mixer had to get the vocals a little tuned and make all the tracks blend in to make it look more professional. He even hired a few backup singers to help her product sound even better. A weeks days later, after she finished recording the final product, she went to a photoshoot to get a photo for the cover of her new song.

One month later, her team asked Alyssa and her family to put the song on iTunes, Bob and Vanilla both agreed to sell her music. While her team gets most of the money, Alyssa gets 32% of the money when a person bought it on iTunes. After a few weeks, Alyssa was rich. Hundreds of thousands of people bought her song. Alyssa isn't known for just being a dancer anymore. Now she's a singer too! Radio stations all over the world started to play her new hit.

Currently, Alyssa get a letter saying that's she's performing her song live in the Mariala Concert Hall, when tickets went on sale, it wasn't very long until the show sold out. The problem is, Alyssa never sang in front of a live audience anymore. Frozen with fear, Alyssa is terrified to see how her first concert will be.


  • Alyssa the Dog
  • Birtha the Wolf
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Vanilla the Rabbit
  • Bob the Dog
  • Snowflake the Hare
  • Bloodstone the Hedgehog
  • Amanda the Hedgehog
  • Chloe the Cow
  • Patrice the Bunny
  • Michelle the Cat
  • Alexis Petals
  • Christina the HedgeCat
  • Mimi the Cat
  • Gabriella the Cat
  • Alyssa's crew
  • Alyssa's backup dancers

Major Events

  • Alyssa makes and releases her first song: "It's a Girl Party"
  • Alyssa puts on her first live show ever


  • This episode focuses on Alyssa.
  • "It's a Girl Party" is actually an original song from Mack Z, also a young singer and dancer.
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