My Sweet Announcement (Japanese:マイスウィートお知らせMaisuu~īto oshirase) is the nineteenth episode of the rebooted Mariala Anime series, My Sweet Life. It first aired on August 7, 2015 in the United States, and on April 20, 2015 in Japan.


It's been a few days since Krys and Ricardo had their first date, and hiding it from The Eight Mates was a huge struggle for them. The Eight Mates start to notice that the two of them have been acting differently then they normally would. It's now becoming less awkward and more creepy.

Finally, the rest of them had enough of the two and they demanded an answer from them. Finally, Krys held Ricardo's hand, and told them that the two were a couple. Everyone was excited and shocked when they announced that. Christina ran up and hugged Krys.

The next day, The Eight Mates spread the news to the entire city, and it's neighbors. A lot of people seemed to be very happy for the two of them, except for one person: Arthur. Arthur was infuriated when he heard this news. He started training harder so he can prove that he was worthy of dating Krys.

Being excited that now everybody in the Eight Mates has a romantic interest, they throw a huge party, where the Eight Mates, and their friends are all invited to. However, Arthur shows up, and he's looking to get some blood on Ricardo. How is this all going to go down?


  • Ricardo the Wolf
  • Krys the Alicorn
  • Arthur the Unicorn
  • Alexis Petals
  • Danny the Hedgehog
  • David the HedgeFox
  • Candace the HedgeFox
  • Christina the HedgeCat
  • Cole the Echidna
  • Michelle the Cat
  • Sebastian the Fox Hybrid
  • Thresh the Horse
  • Ashley the Cat
  • Nightfall the BatCaracal

Major Events

  • Arthur the Unicorn is introduced for the first time
  • Krys and Arthur announce that they are in a relationship
  • Arthur and Ricardo start their rivalry


  • This episode focuses on Ricardo.
  • Alyssa doesn't come to the party, because her boyfriend is rather far away. However, since she doesn't want to reveal who he is yet, she lies and says that she has dance practice.
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