My Sweet Heartbreak (Japanese:私のスウィートハートブレイク Watashi no suu~ītohātobureiku) is the eighteenth episode of the rebooted Mariala Anime series, My Sweet Life. It first aired on July 31, 2015 in the United States, and on April 13, 2015 in Japan.


While Christina and Thresh are eating their food at a restaurant, Evergreen just paid the bill for their food. Candlelight and Evergreen kiss each other for a long time, and then they let go. Evergreen's emotion drastically changed, as he went from a romantic feeling to a rather depressed one. He told his girlfriend to meet him at his house. Evergreen then leaves, and Candlelight is staring at him with a confused look. Christina and Thresh overhear that, and sneak behind Candlelight.

As the two tiptoe behind, Thresh notices their Shadows, as Candlelight looks down on the ground. Thresh had an idea. He asked Christina to hold his hand. With Thresh's other hand, a dark aura appeared, suddenly the two have been sucked into their shadows. The shadows start to move, which was a great plan to sneak to Evergreen's house. As Candlelight entered Evergreen's house, the two sat in the living room. Christina and Thresh, basically invisible, peek through the window.

Evergreen holds Candlelight's hands. He tells her to look around. Candlelight was shocked. All she saw were boxes and boxes and boxes. Evergreen revealed to Candlelight that he was moving away. Candlelight asked if it was close, as he shook his head. It's on the other side of the country. He then said how much he's going to miss her and that she could spend the night at his house for one last time. Christina's jaw drops open. Thresh uses his spectrakinesis to make them reappear walking away from the house.

The next afternoon, Candlelight, Christina and Thresh all went to the airport to say their final goodbyes to Evergreen. Evergreen high-five hugged Thresh, hugged Christina, and then made out with Candlelight. She admitted she was going to miss that. As Evergreen boarded the plane to Sorrento Town, he stared for a minute at Candlelight, as the two waved to each other. Slowly, they turned their heads. Forty-five minutes later, his plane took off. Candlelight watched the plane take off until it couldn't be seen. Tears started rolling down her eyes, and she ran away. Christina and Thresh chase after her.

Candlelight, bawling like a baby, was running down the streets as Christina and Thresh tried to catch up to her. It looked like they were criminals chasing after a poor little girl. Candlelight ran inside her house, as the two followed her in. As she went up the stairs, Candlelight went in her room, as the two finally caught up to her. She yelled "GET OUT!" at the top of her lungs and slammed the door so hard that a lamp fell on the floor. Three days later, she still didn't come out of her room. How are The Eight Mates going to solve this problem and calm Candelight down?


Major Events

  • Evergreen the Echidna is introduced time
  • Evergreen is moving away to Sorrento Town
  • Monica the Fox is introduced for the first time


  • This episode focuses on Thresh.
  • Ricardo has revealed to be in Paliside Town fighting a villainous team who want to destroy Mariala City to create a portal to Moebius
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