My Sweet Liar (Japanese:マイスウィートライアー Maisuu~ītoraiā) is the sixteenth episode of the rebooted Mariala Anime series, My Sweet Life. It first aired on July 17, 2015 in the United States, and on March 30, 2015 in Japan.


Michelle, now without crutches, still is wearing her knee brace to keep her knee from dislocating again. She is walking down the hallways like she's not even injured. However, a strange girl stops her. She was rather goth and punk-like. Michelle questioned who she was. She was part of an unnamed gang. Her name was Rocky. Michelle started to hang out with the girl.

She hung out at her place, and the gang that Rocky was in was with her. Their names were Shinedown, Cici, Sapphire and Robyn. Like her, they were a punk gang. Rocky asked if she wanted to join 'The Hood Gang'. They were all wearing hoods. They do strange things in Michelle's mind. She wanted to see what it was like, so she said yes.

The Hood Gang, with Michelle now being a part of it, pulled many pranks on the other cliques of the high school. Michelle came up with most of these. Michelle was having the time of her life with the gang. They even have their own hangout;Shinedown's Shed.

However, one day Alexis informed Michelle if she has ever heard of The Hood Gang. Michelle lied to her and said 'no' and why. Alexis then told her that they are a terrible gang who do terrible things to other people. Michelle still lied and said no. She even said that they don't sound bad. The next few days, Michelle made up a new lie to not hang out with the Eight Mates, but to hang out with the Hood Gang in secret.

The Hood Gang did even worse deeds now. They are taking advantage of Michelle as an actress, and sending her door to door to steal fifty dollars. They want her to become their friend for the day, and in secret, steal money. By the end of the week, they had 350 dollars. They wanted more. They then targeted Christina. Michelle was a little nervous to steal from her own best friend, so she did it in a rather "legal" way. She ordered tons of clothes and said they were for a new role. She gave the gang 10,000 dollars, as the four of them dog-piled on Michelle.

The next day, Michelle threw out Christina's piles of clothing. Christina asked what she was doing. Michelle replied that her audition was over, and she didn't get the part, so she decided to "donate them", while she was really throwing them out. The Eight Mates are getting really suspicious, and they are onto Michelle. How long can she block the truth about the Hood Gang with her binder full of lies?


Major Events

  • Michelle no longer is on crutches
  • The Hood Gang is introduced
  • Michelle becomes part of the hood gang in secret
  • The Hood Gang earns 25,000 dollars in cash


  • This episode focuses on Michelle.
  • The Hood Gang is another anime exclusive, however, Rocky might become a real character.
  • The role Michelle had in mind was for the sequel to "The Princess and the Porcupine", a movie she actually did before
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