My Sweet Pageant (Japanese:マイスウィートページェント Maisuu~ītopējento) is the tenth episode of the rebooted Mariala Anime series, My Sweet Life. It first aired on June 5, 2015 in the United States, and on March 2, 2015 in Japan.


Christina and her friends are all hanging out together. She turns on the news channel, and completely ignores it because, thats what her friends and her do. However, Christina overhears that there is going to be a pageant in Califlore Town called the "Garden Gala Pageant". Christina tells her friends about it, and that they will all compete against each other.

Christina rushes downstairs to her boutique and into the creation room to think of a brilliant design. She finally thought of a brilliant idea of what to do. So then, she began. Being a floral color, she decided to use a baby pink dress base. She then decked the neck, sleeve ends, waistline, and the dress bottom with flowers of all sorts of colors, and she then created a matching crown of flowers. She decided to give herself a mani-pedi of the same baby pink as her dress. She also created a flower wristband. She made a white bottom that touches the floor and used ribbons to decorate it.

The next day, Lili's limousine dropped by to pick Christina and her family up. On the way there, she finds out that Krys, Sasha, Angelina, Danny, and the ruthless Team Fashion are all competing in the competition. It was a 1 and a half hour trip to Califlore Town, and they finally made it. Christina, her family, Christina's designer crew and Lili's crew made it into the fashion hall to sign in for the competition.

She takes out the box containing her dress, and something seems to be wrong. Her dress had no flowers, the crown was pierced, pollen was all over it, and the dress was torn by long fingernails! Christina almost fainted. Lili tried to fan her to revive her, and her family started to freak out. Who could of done this?! It was none other than Team Fashion! What will she do? How will she compete?


Major Events

  • Sasha, Derek, and the entire Transon-Svettreco family appear for the first time
  • Christina has her first ever pageant
  • Team Fashion ruins her dress
  • Christina earns her first grand supreme title, crown and pageant ribbon


  • This episode focuses on Christina
  • Christina has probably more ribbons and crowns in the actually universe than in MSL
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