My Sweet Injury (Japanese:マイスウィート傷害 Maisuu~īto shōgai) is the ninth episode of the rebooted Mariala Anime series, My Sweet Life. It first aired on May 29, 2015 in the United States, and on February 23, 2015 in Japan.


After her amazing weekend with her moviestar friends to see a movie premier, Michelle returns to Mariala City, and heads straight for her gym. She decides to work on vault. She performed two passes, a yurchenko double twisting full, and a yurchenko double layout. She wants to go for a new skill: A yurchenko double double.

Confident that she will get this skill, she goes a little farther back for her run. She seems to be running faster than expected. When she goes to jump onto the springboard, she jumps too early and gets a mental block. While that happened, her right knee collided with the metal part of the vault horse, and with that much speed and force, it hurt like crazy.

Screaming in pain up to the point where she is hysterical crying, people outside the facility hear her screams and crying, including her friends. Suddenly, Alyssa appears and asks whats wrong, and then Alexis and Christina come in. Alexis and Christina both lift Michelle up and run to a nearby hospital, while Alyssa flies over her to make sure nobody gets in the way.

The three girls find a hospital for Michelle and carry her in. Holding back the tears and trying to resist the pain, Michelle tries to lay down on a safe hospital bed. The doctors come in and see what's wrong, but it's pretty obvious. Her kneecap is dislocated and at the far right side of her. Frightened, Michelle was scared for her life. The surgeons have to come in and operate surgery on her to relocate her kneecap to the right spot.

During the surgery, Alyssa held her left hand and Alexis and Christina held her right hand. Her screams can be heard from cities away. It was excruciatingly painful. Michelle, heavily and deeply breathing, was trying to hold back the tears. Maranda, her sister, her parents, and a bunch of other friends;even rivals, were inside the surgery room with her and scared for their lives. But they said she was going to be perfectly fine.

The doctors at the hospital say that she'll be good. For the first one or two weeks, she has to be in a wheelchair, for the next 6 weeks, she is on crutches, and for each and every day of that time period, she'll have to be wearing a knee-brace to stop the kneecap from dislocating again, and a cast under it, just in case. Her best friends were the first ones to sign it. But the worst part is that she can't do any type of sport, gym, and especially gymnastics for another 14 weeks. How is she going to survive life without gymnastics?


Major Events

  • Michelle comes back from Hollywood
  • Michelle has her first ever injury
  • Her sister, Maranda, and her parents, Paul and Dawn, appear for the first time
  • Nightfall and Ashley appear for the first time


  • Michelle appears for the first time
  • Michelle never injured herself in the canon universe
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