My Sweet Sugar (Japanese:マイスウィートシュガーMaisuu~ītoshugā) is the fifth episode of the rebooted Mariala Anime series, My Sweet Life. It first aired on May 1 2015 in the United States, and on January 25, 2015 in Japan.


Alexis, Christina, and Michelle have a fun little girl's night out at their favorite place, the mall! Who doesn't love it there. The three go on a major shopping spree for new clothes, albums, shoes, sporting goods, and of course, samples. They have so much fun on their shopping spree. Their bags were full up to the point where their arms could fall off.

They decided to have a nice little dinner at OrangeWasps. They talk and have fun and take selfies and laugh at singing fails. While they are all eating, in the middle of her meal, Christina got up from her seat and rushed to the bathroom. Michelle asked Alexis if they wanted to plan a prank on Christina. Alexis said it was a horrible idea. Too late. Michelle poured in 20 packets of sugar in her drink and stirred it in! When Christina came back, not knowing what's in her drink, she drank the whole thing.

That night, the girls had a little sleepover. They watched comedies and sad movies, and gossiped about their boyfriends. They were all out like a light in no time. In the middle of the night, Christina got up and doodled silly drawings, like mustaches and goofy eyeballs all over their faces, and started to break things in the bathroom. She ran up the stairs and rode down on her butt, and then ran off into the city running and screaming like a lunatic.

The next morning the two girls wake up, and erased the silly designs off their faces. They noticed that Christina trashed the place, and lots of people have been complaining about it. Now the two girls, along with the rest of the heroes have to find out a way to stop her before she loses her mind.


Major Events

  • Angelina makes her first appearance
  • Michelle pulls her first prank seen on MSL
  • Christina almost loses her sanity
  • The Eight Mates go on a mission to keep Christina from losing her mind


  • This episode focuses on Michelle
  • The creator actually witnessed this happen before, which inspire him to create this episode
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