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Mutant is a very broad term used by the Governments of Earth (such as the United Federation) to categorize any entity with unnatural powers. Anything with powers above the natural threshold of abilities is considered a mutant. The term itself may seem out of place, but the name tends to stick.

While this term also encompasses supernatural beings, genetic expirements, mythical creatures, and even aliens with powers greater than that of Earth's normal inhabitants, it is mostly used to describe actual mutants.

Mutants and the World


Mutants are the center of conspiracy theories surrounding the government. Each government deals with mutants in their own way. The United Federation makes a large effort to cover up all records of many kinds of mutants (aliens are the best example). The Government has even taken to restrict the limits of free speech to prevent what they call "A widespread panic waiting to happen".


Mutants are not super uncommon among the inhabitants of Earth. Like anything, there are people who accept them and those who segregate them. Mutants themselves can have a hard time carving out a niche in life if they are known by many.

The general public has yet to become aware of the danger mutants possess, not knowing of the threat stronger mutants posses.


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Levels of Categorization

Mutants are grouped into seven different categories based on their level of power, degree of mutation, and the quality of their powers.

Level One: Hypo Mutants

This level refers to the weakest of all mutants. People who have abilities just above the threshold of natural are categorized here. These mutants are more common than records let on. These Mutants are normally are normally the weakest of supernatural creatures, or the best of Humans/Mobians.

Level Two: Average Mutant

!st Class Mutants are not the strongest, but there abilities range far and wide. This category refers to those with usually under-developed powers, or those with extremely weak powers. These mutants tend to have very specific weaknesses. They are the most common form of mutant that occurs in modern civilazation.

Level Three: High Class Mutant

These mutants are less common then the lower classes, but more powerful. These mutants normally have abilities that can be powerful, but aren't super powerful. Notable powers are forms of elemental or attributal control, telepathy, technopathy etc.

Level Four: Advanced Mutants

These mutants are normally very powerful. They almost always have more than one super-power. The few that have only one kind of super power have a great amount of power. These mutants are rare, occuring much less on earth in comparison to the lower levels. Any confirmed 4rd Class Mutants are under continous watch by the United Federation. Other countries have their own ways to deal with them...

Level Five: Higher Order Mutants 

Higher Order Mutants usually have very dangerous (sometimes uncontrollable) powers, or have many powers. The strongest of Psychokinetics, genetically engineered super soldiers, and even species of dragons or other powerful mythical creatures (such as a Hydra, Pheonix, Leviathian, Behomoths) are grouped under this category.

All countries consider Class 5 Mutants to be threats to National Security. A good percentage of class five Mutants have been taken into custody of the government, and have been removed from record (having all files, such as birth certificates, grades, hospital records and the like destroyed).

Level Six: Ascended Mutants

These mutants are stronger than almost all others. They are also very rare. Class Six Mutants have dangerous, potent and sometimes very unstable powers. These include skilled Omni-Kinetics/Mancers, certain degrees of reality warpers, more powerful mythical creatures (such as the oldest of dragons) and the most dangerous and secretive of expirements.

These mutants are usually super soldiers, in captivity, or have been exterminated.

Level Seven: Super Mutants

The most powerful of all mutants. These mutants have either extremely-dangerous powers, or a large array of powers. All Super Mutants are usually under extreme watch of the Earth's Governments due to the extreme threat they could create.

This category refers to the most powerful of supernatural creatures (some of god-like status), the greatest of all dragons, and the most deadly of all Humans/Mobians. The rarity of these mutants should not undermine their danger.

Most countries outright kill super Mutants.

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