Is the civilaztion of the ermines. They are seperated into different "sectors". They tend to stick with those of the same color fur.


Stoat Sector~

The Stoat sector consists of the brown ermines. They are refered to as stoats. They are very technologically advanced. Their city is completely futuristic despite the lack of knowledge from their brotheren. They are not as strong as the other Ermines.

Ermine Sector~

The Ermines live in an arctic area. They are more of a barbarian group wearing face paint, and using force as a means to get things. They are very small in population compared to their brotheren. This group consists of the white colored Ermines. They have a strong sense of honor. While they aren't as intelligent as the Stoats they are average. They are also the most developed in combat and skills.

Emerlin Sector~

These weasels are called "Emerlins" and reside in jungle and tropical regions of their nation. They are simple creatures and perhaps the nicest. They are average in both intelligence and strength. Emerlins are more of a tribal group, and are yellow.


All of the Short Tailed Weasels share these abilities. However the Ermine are the most fluent with the abilities. The Emerlins know soem of tese while the Stoats know almost none of them.

It is a very skillful tree climber and can descend a trunk headfirst, like a squirrel. The stoat is capable of killing animals much larger than itself. When it is able to obtain more meat than it can eat it will engage in "surplus killing" and often stores the extra food for later. When this is the case, it will often kill by breaking the prey's neck without marking the body, presumably so its cache does not spoil easily.It is widely believed that they can "transfix" animals by exhibiting a tumbling routine akin to a dance, rendering the animal hypnotized such that it fails to notice the weasel approach within striking distance.

The stoats are much smarter creatures. They have no need to hunt because they have processed food. Their cities consist of flying cards, flying billboards, etc, and has a very futuristic look. The Ermines mainly use the abilities that they posses to steal or for military tactics. Also they are crafty theives who use their abilities for stealing. The Emerlins can use the tactis for rituals, enemies, hunting, etc.


  • These creatures are said to be enriched and pure.
  • The creatures are rarely ever seen outside of their civlization.
  • They are also considered legends.
  • Members of the Ermine sect are said to hate to get their fur dirty.
  • All sectors are allied.
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