Cquote1 My son stays with me, whatever you say. So if you think you can just waltz up on my front porch, calling my son a sneak and a spy, then you're dead wrong, and going off to prison. Cquote2
Telling off Starline for pursuing Max, On the Run

Murtagh Veschell is a character who appears The Legend of Fox the Brave: Broken Worlds. He is a tall Mobian Belgian Malinois commonly seen in a police officer's uniform due to his career as a police officer. He is also Maxwell's father, and is mentioned to be a widower raising Max on his own, though he has help from Bailey Swift's family, who take care of Max whenever he's too busy or out late.


Murtagh is a tall Belgian Malinois, with light brown fur and a black face and ears. Unlike his son Max, who has brown eyes, Murtagh has amber eyes. He is commonly seen in his police uniform.


Murtagh is stern and firm, but is a loving father. He cares deeply for Maxwell, to the point that he insists Max run to save himself while he holds off a pursuing Starline, Rough, and Tumble. Because he relies on the Swift family to take care of Max when he can't, it can be assumed he trusts them and is good friends with them(the narrator mentions Murtagh and Keith are good friends)


Murtagh is the chief of police in Storm Cloud City, and it's mentioned that he is often very busy. Despite this, he still finds time to spend with his son and take care of him. He is mentioned to rely on the Swift family to take care of Max whenever he is too busy or is stuck working late. When Starline comes to the city seeking assistance to find the amnesiac Dr. Eggman-living at the Base as Mr. Tinker-Murtagh is one of many people to call him out on this, being the most vocal. Later, when Max is caught spying on Starline, he flees to his home, where Murtagh insists he runs to find the warriors. When Max does, Murtagh holds Starline, Rough, and Tumble off to buy some time for his son, threatening to arrest the trio for threatening his son. His fate is unknown after this.




Maxwell Veschell

Murtagh is a loving and devoted father to Max despite being a busy man. Though their relationship was greatly tested when Murtagh was brainwashed, this was quickly repaired when Murtagh broke free of this control.

Dr. Starline

Murtagh has an extreme dislike of Dr. Starline because of recent events caused by the villainous doctor. Murtagh was initially indifferent to the doctor, but this hardened into hatred when Starline began to pursue Max. Murtagh later grew to hate the doctor even more when he broke free of Starline's brainwashing, discovering Eggman intending to use Max as leverage against the warriors.


The names Murtagh and Veschell are references to the music artists of the same names who made the remix Cool Friends from Silva Hounds, which was used in the 2018 game Just Shapes and Beats for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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