The Mungo-type APC is one of the key creations of Pyran Global, an arms manufacturer from the Pyranic Empire. The unit, a light APC, is based on a rather common 4x4 car, manufactured by a partner company.

Mungo-type APC

Production Information
ManufacturerPyran Global
Product LineAmphor-type Armored Personnel Carriers
ModelMungo-type APC
ClassAPC - wheeled vehicle
Technical Information
Length4.11 meters
Maximum Speed130 km/h
ArmamentLaser cannon (1)
Crew2 (Driver & Gunner)
Role(s)Personnel Transport
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Construction

It is uncertain exactly when the Pyranic Empire and it's arms manufacturer, Pyran Global, started making the Mungo-type APC. However, what is known is that they by the Day of Scorched Earth, they had amassed a rather large number of such. Indeed, it was these units that helped get the soldiers out to the Terran League, and reinforced the troops from the other army's scout vehicles.


Designed with a specialized undercarriage, the Mungo is resistant to land mines or roadside explosives, with medium armor all over. The only weapon is a turret-mounted laser cannon, capable of hitting infantry and light armored vehicles hard, but lacking the penetration to harm anything with heavier armor. However, it is reasonably small, in comparison to it's competition, and rather fast too, so the main defense it has is to just keep driving. Even so, the greatest threat to these units is aircraft, especially those optimized for ground attack purposes, as the turret cannot cover the air, and the APC itself can't outrun a missile or an aircraft itself.


So far, only minor variations have been seen, and this is in the form of the unit's color scheme. No major variant has been reported.

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