Rough map of Mundus and its key locations. Credit to Guild Wars 2 for the original map.

Mundus, or The Continent of Mundus, is a series of islands that are connected via bridges that pan across a number of kingdoms. The continent sits on the north atlantic ocean, south of Greenland and Iceland and west of Ireland. Mundus is known for its archaic lifestyle but also for their use of magic and engineering feats, particularly that of the Castillian Empire and the Asumer Kingdom.









Coins used on Mundus, from left to right, top to bottom; Copper Crown, Silver Sail, Gold Maple, Electrum Emblem, Three Lions Platinum.


Coin conversion table for Mundus tender

Mundus tends to use coinage of various metals as legal tender, although with appraisal precious gems can also be used in accordance to what they are worth in Mundus currency.

The main forms of currency are; the Copper Crown, which is the least valuable form of currency and the most common used amongst citizens and shopkeepers; the Silver Sail, which is the next most valuable coin and, like the copper, is used by citizens and shopkeepers; the Electrum Emblem is an unusual coin but is worth more than silver; the Gold Maple is considered the most valuable of coin and is used nearly exclusively by rich barons, investors and noble houses; the Three-Lions Platinum coin, however, is the rarest and indeed truly the most valuable coin. However, only politicians, sovereigns and reigning leaders tend to have access to such currency.

All coinage found on Mundus are guaranteed to be of 24 carat grade, or three-nines fine, and at exactly one ounce; the main mint located in Asumer make sure that all bullion are forged with the absolute minimal purities. Because of this, Mundus have the highest worth currency in the world, beating the Great British Pound by immense standards.

The Copper Crown's ore is acquired from Skynord's mines, and then smelted and distributed from Asumer. Copper Crown is manufactured at 24 carat, or three-nines fine, increasing its value to that over any other form of copper currency including the British Penny. In terms of global currency exchange rates one Copper Crown is equal to US$1.69 or £1.09

The Silver Sail's ore is acquired from the mines of Castillian, and then smelted and distributed from Asumer. Silver Sail is manufactured at 24 carat, or three-nines fine, increasing it value over any other form of silver currency, such as Britain's ten/twenty/fifty pence coins and the US dollar. In terms of global currency exchange rates one Silver Sail is equal to US$28.50 or £18.34

The Electrum Emblem is an odd coin in which it is made from electrum, a natural alloy of gold, silver, copper and other minerals, that can be found primarily in Shatara. Electrum Emblem is manufactured at 24 carat, or three-nines fine, however because of its varying parts of gold, silver and other minerals it has no value outside of Mundus.

The Golden Maple's ore is acquired from the mines of Asumer, and then smelted and distributed from there. Golden Maple is manufactured at above 24 carat, or five-nines fine (.99999) , increasing it value over any other form of gold currency, even greater the Gold Maple of Canada. In terms of global currency exchange the Golden Maple is equal to US$1,394.64 or £897.60

The Three-Lions Platinum is an odd coin in which the ore's location is not know to the point that even the Asumer do not know where it comes from. Three-Lions Platinum is difficult to smelt and even with the Asumer's great technology are only able to smelt it down to four-nines fine (.9999), being greater than that of the Platinum Canadian Maple. In terms of global currency exchange the Three-Lions coin is equal to US$2,475.95 or £1,593.52




Mundus recieved its name a thousand years ago, the latin word for "world" before any of the outer countries were discovered but the name still remains. Mundus itself is hope to several landmasses, each bigger than Great Britain as a whole. Each land mass is controlled by a kingdom or empire, those being the Castillian Empire, the Shatara Kingdom, the Asumer Kingom, the Skynord Empire, and the Darksun Kingdom.

Castillian Empire


General architecture of the Castillian Empire

The Castillian Empire, or The Empire, was the first founded kingdom on Mundus a thousand years ago. It soon became a larger empire over the centuries as it expanded up north and due south, acquiring as much land mass as it could. Its architecture is reminiscent of old victorian britain, with victorian styled structures and street lamps, etc.

Recent Castillian history is that is began war with the neighbouring kingdom of Shatara, breaking the centuries-long peace treaty. Despite its powers of magic and shear numbers, Castillian forces were driven back by Shatara military. Despite Shatara not retaliating, the Castillian embassy are fearful that their loss would mean the other kingdoms would eventually follow suit and invade, resulting in an insurrection.

The empire itself consists of very formal and upright citizens but there still exists crime despite their high standards. Castillians are considered very uptight when they are addressing outsiders, either from the rest of Mundus or from other outer countries and civilisations. Despite considered "racist", they do not display violent tendencies towards outsiders. The citizens are political at its utmost, to which keeps their empire strong even after the millenia founding without much change.

Despite prejudice of the outer kingdoms the Castillian Empire knows that they need to secure trade routes and materials of worth from the other areas. The Castillian Empire are the main suppliers for lumber, water and grain, as well as coal and oil.

The Castillian lands always seem to display a normal, all round ecosystem; trees grow normally, the earth itself is hardened and rich in high-nutrient soil and mud, while the weather follows the usual seasons present in the european continent. It doesn't rain often and some consider raining seasons to be very predictable, while majority of times its bright, sunny with a gentle breeze.

The wildlife of Castillian are considered usually natural although due to the rich nourishment from the plant-life and earth the creatures are much larger than usual animals of their size. Wildlife includes; fox, rabbit, hare, wildcat, bear, eagle, spider, snake, rat, crocodile.

Shatara Kingdom


Basic architecture of the Shatara Kingdom

The Shatara Kingdom was an offshoot of the Castillian Empire that was founded by their elder Magi and was a pinnacle of arcane strength. However many of the schools of magic and even religion had faded in time, resulting in a kingdom purely ruled by politics and military. However, the architecture remains the same, showing signs of magical atmosphere.

Shatara was one of the first kingdoms to sign the White-Gold Concordat, a peace treaty in which the kingdoms of Mundus had agreed upon. However with Castillian forces invading Shatara they were quickly overrun and taken over before being able to finally retake Shatara. No retaliation was executed, instead opting to rebuild their kingdom and military forces.

Shatara's citizens are somewhat kin to the attitudes and philisophies of theit castillian anscestors although they are very much open to outsiders, especially of the Skynord type, as well as those outside of Mundus. However, despite being very open they still remain cautious due to being such a small kingdom. Shatara's populous is also considered to be somewhat aggressive and do not take kindly to beggars or thieves.

The fact that Shatara is somewhat miniscule when compared to the other kingdoms means that they have to rely mostly on trade with the other kingdoms, although their biggest support has been from Skynord. Shatara's rich and compact soil makes them the best place to acquire precious gems; ruby, diamond, emerald, amber, aquamarine, quartz and others are their main trade stock and is generally what they depend on for economical leverage.

The great soil here is what created the huge amount of trees and other voliage, as well as to their immense sizes. The landscape itself it very hard and compact although this was mainly due to the amount of magic used to shape the area during its founding. The weather is very static in which the sun rarely shines on the kingdom, never snows, is always breezy and never rains. Some speculate the amount of magic used is what changed the ecosystem.

The wildlife of Shatara is dangerous to most; the creatures here are considered supernatural due to the mutations they have incurred from the overuse of magic in the area, much like radiation-induced mutations. Creates here includes; ogre, troll, giant, spider, chameleon, dire bear, dire boar, dire wolf, dire rat, plaguebat, ooze, gelatinous ooze, goblin, kobold.

Skynord Empire


Architecture of the Skynord Empire

The Skynord Empire was an opposing faction at the time of Castillian's founding that has been ruled by powerful warriors and barbarians. Skynord Empire is significantly larger than the other kingdoms, spanning almost the entire width of Mundus. It is arguable that the people of Skynord are the strongest in Mundus and, arguably moreso, the wisest.

Much of Skynord's history is shrouded except that it is on unequal tearms with the Castillian Empire, even after signing the Concordat; the Castillian Empire once tried to conquer Skynord in order to secure reign over the eastern continent, but was unsuccessful. Because of Castillian warmongering but also because of the Concordat, the Skynords have refrained from instigating war for fear of being attacked by other kingdoms.

The populous of Skynord are mostly warriors, barbarians and hunters who enjoy the thrill of the fight and the adrenaline of war. Despite this they are not as barbaric as they may seem and not as aggressive as they would look; they know when they need to fight and when they recquire peace. With these values they have not been at war with any other kingdom and have no desire to; they believe the kingdoms of Mundus should be ready to aid each other. They were the third to sign the White-Gold concordat shortly after Shatara. They have a close bond with the Shatara kingdom but not so much as to aid them in the civil war against the Castillian Empire.

Because Skynord is the largest empire in terms of land mass covered they have access to many different materials as well as being able to accomodate the most people. Skynord tends to live off their own land and do not tend to trade with others, although they are willing to trade with Shatara, offering them their plentiful amounts of water, livestock and structural rocks for their buildings in return for their gems.

As apparent the weather of Skynord is considering cold, windy, and is almost always snowing. The landscape of Skynord itself is very bare; it accomodates only hard rock, loose soil and snow, with very little greenery. It is because the land is so dense that mining for coal and oil is near impossible, lumber is too little, grain cannot grow and usual trade stock is hard to come by; they rely solely on what the Castillian Empire and Shatara can offer them.

The animals of Skynord are a mix of what can be found at Shatara and Castillian, though they are much more durable, aggressive and mostly white due to the weather conditions and survival factor of the land. These creatures include; arctic rabbit, arctic hare, white fox, polar bear, siberian tiger, white lion, snow elk, white deer, arctic wolf.

Asumer Kingdom


General Architecture of the Asumer Kingdom

The Asumer Kingdom is home to the more intelligent population of Mundus, founded several centuries ago and only a few decades prior to the White-Gold Concordat signing. Their use of precious metals, ingenuity and technological prowess are all evident in their structures and general architecture.

The Asumer Kingdom's founding is not known by many of the other nations and even that of Asumer's citizen's itself; they only know they were founded around the same time as Skynord's empire only because it was the Skynord's who had helped them when Castillian forces tried to occupy the eastern areas. Since then they have quickly created a vast, perplexing kingdom that only the Asumer know how to navigate fully.

The citizens of Asumer as very hospitable and friendly, although they revered for their amazing intelligence, education systems and their engineering feats, however they are notorious for being impatient, snappy and easily aggrivated, especially by those who criticise their culture. They are on good terms with the Skynords and, mutually, the Shatarans. Their pride is the fact that their entire kingdom is protected by constructs and hidden traps.

Asumer is the most prosperous of all nations as evident by their rather small yet dense kingdom. The reason for their amazing wealth is due to the fact that they have the most valuable trade supplies and, most importantly, mints; they are the sole manufacturers and distributors of Mundus currency and thus are able to secure trade supplies by distributing these coins. Aside from that they also have a lot of trade goods such as hide, leather, meat, water, limestone, silver, gold, diamond, and rumored to be the suppliers of platinum.

The ecosystem in Asumer is not very diverse and some could say it was absolutely static; it is always cloudy and only rains several times a month. Because the kingdom is built in or around cliff faces the only foliage that can be seen is mostly weeds or moss, although some trees can be found that are able to root in rocks. Some water plants can be round in their pools from various waterfalls.

Asumer have very little wildlife as they are either killed off by their constructs, hunted regularly or have seen inhabited less populated areas outside of the kingdom. However, there still exists wilflife that prefer high mountains and dry climates. These wildlife include; mountain lion, mountain tiger, sabre tiger, wulture, eagle, fox, mountain wolf, black bear, brown bear, grizzly bear.

Darksun Kingdom


Architecture of the Darksun Kingdom

The Darksun Kingdom is home to the more elusive population of Mundus due to the fact that they are rarely ever encountered outside of their own kingdom; they were only ever encountered briefly during the eastern assault from Castillian and when their leader approached to sign the White-Gold Concordat. Their architecture is very similar if not completely symetrical to the Ancient Egyptians.

It is argued if the Darksun Kingdom was founded before or after Castillian although because they were not known until several centuries ago most scholars believe Castillian was founded a few hundred years before Darksun, not as though the people of Darksun care about trivial matters. Their history is shrouded in shadow as much so as their own kingdom, only that they are very religious and have dedicated their lives to appeasing their God.

Darksun populus have always been inhospitable to those outside of their kingdom to the point that their leaders have mostly been acknowledged to allow their warriors to attack outsiders if they displayed a single ounce of disruption or disdain to or for their culture, despite having signed the Concordat. The males of the kingdom tend to grow to become callous of intruders and become warriors, while the females tend to become hospitable yet cautious, opting to become magic users. The citizens also have access to dark and powerful magics such as necromancy and voodoo.

The Darksun Kingdom is prosperous in its own right to the point where they need not actively trade to keep their stocks high; animals are plenty for cattle, hide and meat; their sands can grow crops due to apparent nutrients; their southern border is used to supply fresh water and fish. The only items they trade for are coal and oil and that's only to provide heat when it's the winter season (to which rarely ever gets too cold) and for lighting (they still opt to use fire-lit candles and torches).

Darksun's ecosystem isn't very diverse seeing as it is always sunny and hot all year round except in the autumn where it tends to rain fairly often and in the winter where it gets slightly cooler, although in the late January to February times it gets "cold" although in reality it only drops to around 8 degrees Celsius.

Most of the Darksun creatures are the same as other hot, dry desert climates although they do have a wider variety of creatures, some from the Shatterfall areas. These creatures include; camel, desert tiger, hawkstrider, giant scorpion, giant centipede, spider, buffalo, elephant, komodo dragon, hippo, crocodile.

The Crossroads


Arial view of the Crossroads

The Crossroads, or Garadar [Literally: "Homestead"], is a completely neutral faction location located to the east of Castillian, south of Shatara, and west of Skynord, Asumer and Darksun. The location was founded a few hundred years ago during the signing of the White-Gold Concordat, the peace treaty signed by the faction leaders of each kingdom.

The Crossroads is handled by various representitives from each neighbouring kingdom and, recently, representitives from the Knuckles, Nocturnus and Dovahkin tribes. These representitives are carefully and specifically chosen from each kingdom so that they do not have any prejudice towards other kingdoms or any signs of favouratism to their own kingdoms. These representitives make sure that order is kept in the Crossroads, trades are agreed upon finally, and that no harm is made towards the Crossroad's populus.

Aside for being the location to where the Concordat was signed it is also the primary location where trade goods are bought and delivered; it is agreed upon that as trade goods are handed over to the client at the Crossroads responsibility to what happens to those goods is then handed over from the supllier to the client.

Being a neutral faction location it is also the primary location for adventurers, tourists, outsiders, the homeless and refugees. Like any other civilised lication on Mundus the main form of currency is Mundus coin although trade stock can also be accepted as well as various items of value such as precious metals and gems.



Nothern view of the Shatterfall

The Shatterfall one once a single land mass located on the pacific ocean just south of the main land of Mundus. Even before the founding of Castillian it was a broken island with most of its land mass now submerged in the oceans.

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