These are a pair of enchanted gauntlets created by Kenan for the purpose of battling the demon king, Armageddon. Golden colored, steel gloves capable of giving the wielder unfathomable levels of offensive and defensive power. Each is given its own name, but together they are called the Mugenken or Boundless Fists.


Kenan was the creator of these powerful gauntlets and is currently over 20,000 years old. He's a powerful wizard and martial artist, using his powers and skills to eradicate hordes of demons every day. He is commonly recognized by the scars on his face; given to him by a demon when he was young.


The two gauntlets have access to unlimited power, but they each apply it differently. Hanzaiken, the Offensive Fist, fires energy projectiles and constructs weapons out of energy itself; Buster is the name of the spell used to apply its infinite destructive power in battle, enabling the user to one-shot whatever they hit with it. Bogyoken,the Defensive, it can create a variety of defensive walls to deflect attacks; the spell Repel negates all attacks thrown at the user.


Some time after the initial battle with the dastardly demon, Kenan got to work forging these weapons in secret in anticipation of his return. Not wanting their existence to be known yet, risking their misuse or destruction before said rematch, he hid them away for safe keeping; to this day they remain hidden.

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