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Muck growling to himself, The Tale of a Wolf

Muck the Wolf is a male Wolf Avatar who debuts in The Tale of a Wolf and will return as the protagonist and POV of Hunt for the Lost Pack. He is a senior warrior of the Wandering Wolf Pack, brother to Rocky the Wolf, mate/husband of Miriam the Wolf, and father of Bella the Wolf.


Muck is a tall brown Wolf with amber eyes. He wears what appears to be a red karate gi, red fingerless gloves, and red and white shoes.


Muck is an honor-bound fellow. He is fiercely loyal to his Pack, and-like his Packmates-has a serious dislike of jackals because of the trouble the Jackal Squad caused them. He is also shown to care greatly for his family and Pack.


Before the Series: Unknown, but it can be presumed that Muck was born and raised in the Wandering Wolf Pack, where he would eventually have a daughter, Mira, with his wife Miriam.

In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The Phantom Storm:

The Tale of a Wolf: Muck first appears in the Prologue(unnamed), when he asks Samson what's wrong after the leader calls a Pack meeting. In the first Chapter, Ash hears him mutter "This is crazy!" when Samson decides to confront the jackal leader to get the Squad to leave his Pack alone. The Chapter Deadly Assault is set from Muck's POV, and sees the Pack separated, with Muck deciding the needs help from the warriors.




Miriam the Wolf

Though their dynamic is unknown, Burpy's Dream has confirmed Muck and Miriam to be mates. This will be expanded upon in Hunt for the Lost Pack.

Mira the Wolf

Mira was confirmed to be Muck and Miriam's daughter despite not appearing at all in The Tale of a Wolf. She will make a minor appearance in Hunt for the Lost Pack.


While Muck never had the misfortune of meeting Infinite after the villain gained his new identity, Muck knew him as the unnamed Jackal Squad leader who kidnapped his Packmate Ash apfor ransom, then attacked and destroyed the Pack when they failed to pay. It is because of the leader's actions that Muck distrusts jackals.

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