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Due to the bizarre conditions of the mountain, creatures of all types can be found here, whether it be cold cave-dwellers to tropical creatures of a thousand colors. The mountain constantly grows taller and taller as time passes, so these conditions live on borders. Anything that passes through one border to another will have a huge disadvantage and will most likely fall prey to life on other areas of the mountain.


The climate of Mt. Atlas mysteriously changes as people traverse the many floors within. Once a certain height is reached, that area's climate will suddenly stop and the next floor begins, that now having a slightly different climate than the last. This repeats until one reaches the top, where temperatures of -50f prevent any life from growing here. This altering climate makes Mt. Atlas a special challenge to fully traverse from start to finish, and has been made famous because of this.


Mt. Atlas has existed since the beginning of Mobius' existence, once being a flat land where the borders of all regions intersected, allowing for creatures of all kinds to be seen there, though was also plagued by constant earthquakes. With every quake, the land would develop more into a hill, and as time passed, constantly grew and grew, getting higher and more developed with each earthquake, though would also split it from the other regions of the world. The former connection left it with both plant and animal life from all over, which would make their homes on the many caves and floors within the mountain, and as time passed further, the mountain would rise even higher, piercing the very heavens themselves and now almost reach the outer layers of the planet's atmosphere.

Notable Areas

  • Area 1: Neutrality

Area 1 is the first part of the mountain, making up the base and first 70 feet. The life here is that of what people would normally find in a cave, with it being so close to the ground that it could still be considered a cave itself. Creatures that live in dark, moist areas prefer to live here. Many seperate passages can eb found dotted throughout this level, effectively making Neutrality a large maze of tunnels that most can never pass through alive.

  • Area 2: Graveyard

Area 2 is a large wasteland with hundreds of graves dotted about the land. These are the remains of many travelers who attempted to conquer Mt. Atlas, whose bodies mysteriously end up on this floor. Most who make this place home are scavengers and parasites, plus a few necromancers of any race.

  • Area 3: Wasteland

Area 3 is a massive wasteland/desert with little to note. Their are quicksand pockets that can drag down unsuspecting people and deposit them at the bottom of the mountain again. Most life here are those you would normally find in deserts, such as snakes, scorpions, buzzards, and other such things.

  • Area 4: Flatlands

Area 4 is a large, grassy plain with not much to mention. The tallest things that grow here are probably sunflowers and the very few trees that can be found throughout. Most life here are small, burrowing creatures like rabbits and young moles.

  • Area 5: Valley Springs

Area 5 is a rocky terrain known for it's deep gorges and wondrous springs. The hot springs in this area function as the main water source for the 4 levels below it, which conventiently cool down as they pass through. Most life here consists of mountain-dwellers such as goats, rams, lions, and other such things.

  • Area 6: Nothing

Area 6 is just... nothing. There is no Area 6, but instead an eerie white void that must have once been a prosperous and heavily-inhabited environment, as there are chalky statues of bazaar's and a mixture of both blissful and horrified people scattered everywhere, these being the same color as the area itself. It's almost as if the apocalypse had occured on this level in particular and left it an empty pocket-dimension. This area is used as a resting point/refuel station for the explorers of the mountain, as no winds ever blow nor any quakes ever felt here.

  • Area 7: Natural Factory

Area 7 is a natural-forming cave highly-resembling a factory, down to the constant smoke and metal everywhere. The walls are a cold, solid brown copper, with constantly out-of-place spikes and blades that just pop-out from the otherwise tranquil walls, all of which progressively get brighter and more liquified as one reaches the pits, where various metals are constantly swirling in an infernal-vortex of mysterious heat that occasionally erupts. These eruptions are the most dangerous part of this area, as they cover a wide-range thoroughly, and have encased many an inexperienced traveler in quickly-solidifying metals.

  • Area 8: Freezing Hell

Area 8 is a high-altitude, mountainous region constantly blighted by powerful winds and heavy, endless snowstorms. Very few people have ever successfully passed through this area because of how deadly the scenario always is. The constant danger of avalanches and the high-altitude + limited safe-ground make it a true test of one's skills to pass through here.


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