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6ft and 7in
Mafia, Scam-Artist, Murder, And everything else ilegal
Power, Lust, Greed, Followers, Sloth, Wraith, Death, Pride, Envy
Enemies, Good, Freedom, Heros

"Hello, Hello *cough*peasants*cough*" -Mr. King Blox

Mr, King Blox is the antagonist of the Madlands. *SPOILER ALERT* At the end of Madlands he is 'killed' and his corpse is thrown into a portal. *END SPOILER ALERT* He might also appear as a boss in 'Badlands', but if he doesn't he will appear in the extended universe.


He wears a white jacket, and a Block head with X eyes. He has bronze, diamond encrusted knuckles. He cries a cane with a diamond at the top and a diamond shard at the bottom. Occasionally he will wear a tiny hat.


He is the 7 deadly sins incarnate. He is also a mobster and undercover crime lord. He can be pretty funny though.

Strengths and Powers

He can take a beating and survive after excessive bleeding. He can take 3 30 dmg shots to the head. He is also pretty immune to drugs, alcohol, poison, and disease.

General Info

  • He is technically a satanist, but he thinks he is the best.
  • He likes human meat because he thinks it taste like tuna "remember, always use a Brick Wood-Burning Pizza Oven. If you will open your ears, shut your face and make it, you might like it with some delicious mayo." - Mr. King Blox
  • He secretly admires Professor X.
  • He is enemies with Tesla Hunt, and Captain Bird.
  • His girlfriend is Volt-Ant (Silicon-Parasite fused Automaton or Cyborg)
  • He wants to exact revenge after the end of Madlands, but he doesn't remember exactly whom the person who tries to 'kill' him looks like (Because, there were alternate timelines and realities)

Items Currently In Possession

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  • Diamond cane with diamond shard.
  • Bronze knuckles with diamonds.
  • His White Jacket.
  • His Clone-Bots


I was reading some talks on SFC wiki, then I thought, it might be hard to incorporate OCs into 'Badlands'. But I needed a fresh idea, and an easy to make project. I based him off of the


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