Cquote1.png Of course I knew who you were. You really need to work on your secrets, making sure they stay secrets. But don't worry, I won't spill like my other henchmen. Criminals don't snitch on other criminals. Cquote2.png
Mr. Gold the Rabbit.


Mr. Gold is a fairly tall young rabbit, and is pretty lean too. He has gold fur, and his muzzle and the inside of his ears are a pale white. His eyes are brown, and he has a tuff of gold fur on the top of his head.

In his normal criminal attire, Gold wears a green suit with a green hat. A white mask that encloses only his eyes is placed and he has a gold cane. The cane has a small carving that resembles a fancy doorknob and can open up to spray people with something. He wears brown dress shoes and white socks.


Mr. Gold is cruel young man who believes that all the leaders are corrupt. He is paranoid, and can be quite delusional, and only speaks in riddles due to his odd nature. He's not insane, and infact is a very sensible person who was able to fake being insane to avoid the death penalty. So, instead of having lost his mind, he seems to use it a lot.

His personality is somewhat similar to that of Batmans most iconic enemy: the Joker. He is insane, so we are led to believe, and he has a strange thirst for killing. He is also full of tricks, and loves to point out flaws in other people's plans. He is a bit of a pessimist, and as such is very negative, assuming that Tavor and the others will defeat him, but he is also a bit of a narcissist, and he has a bit of an ego, so he always thinks that he will prevail and defeat the Allens, giving him a bit of a conflicted personality.



Mr. Gold was born into a world of poverty and unemployment. His father was a heavy drinker, which made him liable to spend all his money on deinks instead of necessities. His mother was killed during a raid in their old village, and Mr. Gold watched her be shot. These helped shape the future of his criminal career, and his cold and cunning personality.

Pre-Teen to Teen Years

At the tender age of ten, he had started his life of crime, and pickpocketed any wealthy nobleman that was careless. His skills sharpened and at the age of twelve, he could steal just about anything. His father didn't mind, it just meant that he didn't have to pay the bills anymore, and spent even more money on his drinks.

When he was thirteen, his love of gold soon kicked in. On his birthday, he decided to loot a jewelry store for a present, and saw a gold and diamond incrested watch. With his charm and stealth, he was able to steal the valuable watch, and it became one of his first in a series of gold crimes.

When he had finally turned seventeen, he ran away from home, sick of looking and caring after his father, and started to loot a nearby city, but because that the security was awful and there was not much gold, he went back to his hometown and continued to steal there. But, he did not go back to live with his father, and instead lived in an apartment far away from him.

The Imre Incident

On his eighteenth birthday, he decided to go and make a name for himself, and went to go and steal a famous gold pawn shop. After he was able to grab all he could, it was fairly late, and he decided to head home. On his trip, he saw a woman near a dark alley wearing a beautiful gold necklace, and he couldn't resist. He jumped the woman, and after she kept resisting, was just about ready to kill.

Imre then attacked him and made him lose his grip. They cornered the woman while they fought, and she was unable to escape. Desperate, he pulled a gun on the kid, and Imre surrendered, but worried about his own safety, shot the kid and ended up killing him. He fled the scene, and realized his thirst to kill.


After the Imre incident, he decided to continue his work as a crook and started to steal more and more. He had realized his love for murder, and at every jewelry store he broke into, he killed the cashed, and eventuall started to kill the wealthy civilians that tried to defy him. This led him to become a major case that April s father, Paul, has been trying to solve and arrest him for a while.

He soon became the first target of the Allen brothers, who had formed a vigilante group against him unknowingly, and they attacked him during on of his heists. Gold easily overtook the inexperienced kids, and decided against killing them so they could fight again. He was able to disappear from them and stole the diamond gold ring.


Mr. Gold doesn't posses any powers, and is just another normal crook.


Although this could classify as more of a skill, Gold is a skilled pocket picker. He didn't learn this though; he just did it one day and became a master.


Unfortunately, being a crook has taught him a thing or two.


To be quite honest, Gold doesn't really have a fighting style. A few kicks, then some punches, a few random dance moves, and that's it. His style is so random, that it actually makes him a pretty hard foe.


Gold specializes with using his staff, and knows a variety of deadly or just plain strange poisons. He can use his staff like a sword and also uses it as his main weapon. He usually supplies it with a wide variety of poison like substances, and then sprays the opponent during their fight.

He also specializes in firearms, mostly old fashioned pistols, and has deadly accuracy.


Mr. Gold is able to identify poisonous herbs and berries from memory, specializing in the more fatal kind. His can usually has compressed poisonous gas in it, and the type of poison varies in what it does.

Fake Identities

He has been able to create a wide range of fake identities, and can create false identifications. Passports, birth certificates, even credit cards; you name it and he can create it.


His paranoia can be used against him, and so can his strange riddle speaking habit, as Tavor and Kasper can solve them and stop his plans. He often gets backstabbed by his teammates, so that can leave him quite vulnerable as well.


  • "What can I say? I wanted to make a name for myself. I can't do much else, and even if I could, it wouldn't be as much fun."
  • "First rule of outlaws: never snitch on another criminal."
  • "I'm not a criminal. I'm just a bit... Impulsive and rightly challenged."
  • "Yeah yeah yeah. I may have the right to be silent, but so do you, so I think you should use it."
  • "When two rights make a wrong, they really mean that it makes a left."
  • "The Riddler? Not a bad name. But I have a tittle. Mr. Gold is my name, and gold is my dangerous game."
  • "I'm not here to convince you to join the dark side, or how alike we really are. I hate you. I wouldn't want you to join us. And we aren't alike at all."
  • "**** you! It's not my fault it was explosive!"
  • "Some criminals have a code. I suppose I do. I don't lie, but I cheat. I kill, but not children. I steal, but... Well... I got nothing."
  • "I'm not stealing. I'm borrowing without any plans to return it."
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