This is an article about Morwena Trancina, a character created by FroZenHyBrid on 04/17/2013.


Gender: Female

Age: Chronologically 158, physically 20

Alignment: Neutral

Species: Vampire/Hedgehog

R. Interest: None




Brother: N/A

Sister: Vanica Trancina- Adopted


She has a pale tan muzzle with a lack of fuzz on either cheek, with her ears and stomach being the same color. She also has pale grey fur with forest green markings running down her quills to her back. The whites of her eyes are glossy white, her irises are light blue, and her pupils are black. Her hair is unruly and reaches down to just below her chest.

She wears a white t-shirt with no extra coloring, and red sleeves. She also wears black denim jeans and blue and white tennis shoes.

Also if you notice, she'll sometimes wear dark red mascara and sometimes glasses as well.


Morwena has a bit of a social problem, she doesn't really get along with some people as she's afraid they might judge her about her being a vampire. However, if you're able to become her friend you'll notice she's a rather sweet person, who'll flirt with someone every now and then. She also has a strange love for anything cute and will not hesitate to hug it rather tightly.

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