The Morph Watch is an object in Sonic Youth Adventures


Sonic the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog

Angel the Hedgehog (OC)


Giving the user the ability to change shape.


Classic: Changes user into their Classic Form

Super: Turns user into Super Form without rings or emeralds

Hyper: Turns user into Hyper form without rings or emeralds

Legacy: Gives user their Riders outfit and extreme gear skills

Darkspine: Turns user into Darkspine form without world rings

Were: Turns user into Were form

Excalibur: Turns user into Excalibur form

Modern: Turns user into Modern form

Dreamcast: Turns user into SA2 form

Fire/Burning: Turns user into Fire/Burning form without Sol Emeralds

Half-N-Half: If user is touching another user, will fuse them into one

Disguise: Gives user a mask and a costume

Laser: Effect of the Cyan Wisp (Can only be set for up to five secs.)

Drill: Effect of Yellow Wisp

Cube: Effect of Blue Wisp

Hover: Effect of Green Wisp

Spikes: Effect of Pink Wisp

Rocket: Effect of Orange Wisp

Frenzy: Effect of Purple Wisp

Fireball: Effect of Red Wisp

Void: Effect of Violet Wisp

Dark: Gives user Dark form without having to be angry

Eagle: Effect of Crimson wisp

Lightning: Effect of Ivory wisp

Melody: Effect of Magenta wisp

Rock: Effect of Grey wisp

Bomb: Effect of Black wisp

Color Change: Allows user to change color

Asteroid: Effect of Indigo Wisp

Metal: Turns user into a metal version of themself

Voice Change: Allows user to change their voice to one that they've heard before

Slipstream: Allows user to turn into a liquid puddle

Weak Morph: Allows user to temporarily change shape to that of someone else (Can only be used 15 hours a day)

Multiply: Allows user to split into multiple copies of themselves

Submarine: Allows user to transform into a submarine

Camouflage: Allows user Camouflage

Tornado: Allows user to transform into a mini tornado

Hero: Gives user Superpowers

Giant: Makes the user gigantic

Tiny: Makes the user bite-sized

Lightning Shield: Give user a shield that will attract rings

Ninja: Gives the user stealth and other ninja skills

Switch: Allows user to switch brains with another user

Ultra Morph: Same as Weak morph, except has unlimited time and has to be learned

Time Warp: Travel through time

Ultimate: Combines almost all other morphs into one, epic, powerful one


Far into the future, Iblis had created a new type of energy that gave whoever harnessed it the ability to change form Silver had been able to harness this energy and had stored some in four rocks known as Chaotic Rubies. When he had traveled back in time to the present in Sonic 06, he had accidentally left them there. two years later, Tails received one of these stones from a female fox named Skyler and had studied it in his lab one day and had found this amazing energy and had stored some inside of a wrist watch, giving the user the power to change forms. He had given it to Sonic and he has since then used it many times in battle.

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