Phaeron the doll

Phaeron is a cotton filled plush toy of a maroon and cobalt wolf with red tribal markings that stretch across its plush body. Moros had recieved this plush toy as a gift before his sixteen century imprisonment in the void for reasons Moros won't disclose. During said imprisonment, Moros had no one other than Phaeron to 'converse' with, this leading to the fanatical belief that the doll is actually alive to Moros, so much so that Moros refers to Phaeron as a living being and a male to be more specific, which might also help explain his complete lack of social skills. 

The doll has aged considerably over the centuries Moros has had it, but despite its ragged and torn appearance. It has still managed to keep itself together. This is partly due to the fact that Moros has taken very good care of the doll and because he was unconsciously feeding the doll a meager portion of his magic so it won't fall apart out of a desire to keep his 'friend' forever. 

Era Tranquil the Fox

The two have worked together for a while, though it is unclear how they had first met. Era is the closest person to a friend that Moros has, considering that they work together seamlessly and share the same goals so the bonds of camaraderie is strong between the two. 

To sum it all up, the two show strong loyalty to eachother.


Mythic Knights

Other than a brief skirmish with them with Era, he really doesn't know what to think about them other than them being strange.


Arnzarel the Revolting

The two were business partners, with Moros promising to help him rebel against the gods who cursed him in exchange for followers to boost his trength in the material realm. However, Arnzarel double crossed Moros and has made efforts to destroy Moros. Moros' opinion on this was that he didn't care and that the betrayal wasn't unexpected. Still, he is confused why Arnzarel would break a deal with him even when Arnzarel has the better end of the deal.

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