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Morilec the Hunter

Biographical Information
  • Physical: Indeterminable
  • Chronological: 13
  • Unnamed mother
  • Unnamed father
  • Project Fallen Series: Hunter
  • The Hunter
  • Morgan (real name)
Physical Description
  • Fur:
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Red w/ yellow irises
  • Wrappings around arms
  • Torn jeans
  • Wrappings around lower legs
  • Earring
  • Wrappings around chest and waist
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations None
Weaponry Large, sharp claws
Super Forms Fallen Morilec
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorRyushusupercat

Morilec the Hunter is the fourth creation of the Project Fallen series, engineered by the U.A.C.S.A. He is also the first one that can use an Advanced element; in this case, it's the Fire/Electricity combination of Plasma.

Physical Description

Morilec is rather thin and wiry, with large paws. These are tipped with long, sharp claws. He usually travels on all fours, but can stand up on his legs easily.

His body is covered with numerous wrappings, and he wears a pair of torn and tattered jeans. Below the wrappings on his forearms are what appears to be the sleeves of a shirt. He also has wrappings on his lower legs and an earring on his left ear.


Captured and Transformed

Before he was known as Morilec, his real name was Morgan. At the age of seven, he was taken away from his parents by the U.A.C.S.A. There, the scientists began transforming him into the ferocious beast that he is today. The process itself took a total of six years.

Phambeto had managed to steal some of The Trolls' regenerative technology and use it on Morilec; he was now capable of regenerating after death. In order to make him as ferocious as possible, he was fed as little as possible. Phambeto also implanted a special chip in him that increased his metabolic rate, meaning he digested food much faster. While this high metabolism had positive side effects (such as his healing factor and high level of strength and agility), it also meant he was hungry most of the time. And hunger gave him a foul temper...


About a year after being captured, Phambeto had suspicions that his experiments on Morilec were too successful; no one could go near him without getting mauled. Phambeto ended up locking Morilec away in a high-security cell after a scientist was killed and partially eaten by the thylanouc.


Four years later, Morilec somehow escaped his confines. He attacked everyone in sight before finally fleeing the base.


Morilec is frighteningly agile and quick, able to scale buildings, trees and other obstacles and traverse over the most uneven terrain like a master of Parkour. He has extremely sharp claws and teeth, and high physical strength, along with incredible endurance. He can use Pyromancy, Fulguramancy, Geomancy and Spectramancy, as well as HellMagick. But what sets him apart from the other Fallen is his ability to use an Advanced element; in his case, it's Plasma.

He also has a healing factor, and is incredibly stealthy, able to sneak up on virtually anyone.

Fire Abilities

Electric Abilities

Dark Abilities

Earth Abilities

HellMagick Abilities

Plasma Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Status/Defensive Abilities


He is immune to poisons and mind-altering attacks. He is also immune to Fear-based attacks.


He is very weak to Light-aligned attacks.

Friends and Foes





  • Practically everyone he meets


Morilec is incapable of socialization, being vicious, bloodthirsty and insane. He cannot even speak properly, communicating through a series of growls, snarls and grunts. He is known for having a nasty temper, particularly when he is hungry (and he's hungry most of the time, thanks to his high metabolism).


  • Hunting and killing


  • Hunger

Biggest Fears



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