"People always call me Morfun. Get it? Morfun, More Fun? Ah you guys have no sense of humor."
—Morfun Bris



As I said in the trivia, Morpheus was actually derived from an older character of mine. It started when I first got into the Sonic franchise, and learned about fancharacters.

Actual development

Of course, me being the newbie at fancharacters I had made Amorphin, and so many characters of mine, a walking cliche. From a clone of Shadow, to a artificial lifeform based off of him, I started to look at most characters that WERE based off of Shadow and I..well I got a bit tired of it. And when the time came, I had remembered Morpheus' older concept(That and a figurine I own). A few years later, basically after the sonic version became kinda..regretful, I decided to start over and return Morpheus to his original roots. I made him, and any characters related to him, human and I rechristened him "Amorphin". Later on, I got tired of the name; and due to an rp, I soon changed his name along with his sister's. And brother. And mother. And his father. Morfun Bris has arrived ladies and gentlemen.


Here's one I hope to never see again, the Matrix. I had absolutely NO intention of making the reference to the movie, a vandalizer during my first years as a wikia user kept vandalizing his page and replacing it with the Matrix's Morpheus, til he got blocked. I had actually based Morpheus' name off of the Greek god Morpheus.

Seems like no matter what I do there's going to be a reference in his name somewhere(XD). As a user recently pointed out, Amorphin's name has the word Morphin in it. The same user then decided to bring up Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Gender: Male

Age: 18

R. Interest: 

Alignment: Good

Species: Human


Mother: Calliya Tenebrosa - Mother

Father: Amarin Tenebrosa - Father

Sister: Onichisa Tenebrosa - Sister

Brother: Ric Tenebrosa - Youngest Sibling

Somneso Onebrosa - Cousin


Morfun, in opposition to most of his family, is quite agile. Quick on his feet, and quick with his blades; he's earned his right as the second fastest of the family, much to his crankiness.


Whereas his sister has inherited the liquid state, and his brother the gaseous state, Morfun has inherited usage of the solid state of water: Ice. Now, he's not adept with it as he seems as he usually tries to avoid getting in any kind of conflict.


Morfun has pale tan skin, a trait coming from his father; he's the only child to have inherited most of his physical traits from his father, much to his chagrin. His hair is colored silver, making him the only child out of the three with natural silver hair. Being the oldest of three children, Morfun has the privilege of being the tallest of the three children. Morfun is physically lean, being toned in terms of muscle. His hair droops downwards, a few stray strands obstructing his partial view. The sclera of his eyes are glossy white, his irises a lime green, and his pupils colored black.

Surprisingly, when his abilities are activated, his eyes turn frosty blue and his hair beginning to float upwards. With a icy aura emanating from him.

For clothing, Morfun is quite fond of the colors grey and black. He wears a short-sleeved black t-shirt to cover up, with a silver longcoat with black colorings on the sleeves, shoulders, cuffs, and a black centerpiece focused on said longcoat. He wears a pair of black pants with silver coming up from the pantlegs. He wears a silver beltbuckle to keep his pants up. Surprisingly, the longcoat has a hood that he seldom wears.


-Being redone-


Morpheus is actually my very first sonic OC, though he was actually converted into one from his original concept.

He's also gone through alot of changes, at first the many previous concepts revolved around some sort of genetic connection to Shadow. However, this idea was scrapped as I grew to realize the concept was essentially an outdated piece of junk.

Morpheus is not his first name, he started out as Shadow Jr. (Dumb name I realize), Midnight, Dusk, then I eventually settled on the name of Morpheus as I thought it fit. I went with the least name of Tenebros after I watched a playthough of "Amnesia: Tenebris Lake" by Markiplier.

While it took a great deal of thinking, I eventually decided to humanize Morpheus because I imagined him more as a human. Also, his clothing fit a human more.


Morpheus in a cloak

This, is the new design of Morpheus Tenebros. The cloak was just something I wanted to add cause it popped into my head :P

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