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Mordrid the Dark Sun

Biographical Information

Physically: 18

Chronology: 2

Relatives The Shining Family
Alias N/A
Romantic Interests N/A
Physical Description
Species Soul hedgehog
Gender Male

Fur color: Black, with white chest fur.

Eye color:brown

Attire Varies
Political Alignment and Abilities
Alignment Hero
Affiliations N/A
Weaponry Dark Blade Sileo
Abilities See Abilities section
Super Forms Demonic Mordrid
Other Information
American V.A. N/A
Japanese V.A. N/A
Theme Song(s)
Appearances N/A


He is cool and collective, but is mostly seen on a rampage. He will attack anyone, friend or foe alike. When he destroys everything in sight or is in a tough battle that he can't win, he turns back into Matthias the Shining Darkness. He is known to be evil crazy. Nowadays he is still cool and collective but he is not as crazy. He will help out with his siblings and will protect them at all costs.


Mordrid was first seen when Memphilmes the Corrupt came to. After Matthias the Shining Darkness was knocked into a wall, Lord Darkrai's true reason of creating Matthias was shone. Mordrid the Dark Sun was created to kill Mephiles the Dark and if possible Memphis the Light. Since they both combined together into Memphilmes the Corrupt this made Mordrid's job easier. After the Defeat of Memphilmes by Mordrid, Mephiles left Memphis for a while and Mordrid went to finish the job, but Mordrid just couldn't kill Memphis due to the bond between Matthias and Memphis, so Mordrid decided to save Memphis and take him to Club Rave. At Club Rave, Mephiles try to control Memphis again and Mordrid tryed to intervane through telepathy but Mephiles already left but Memphis had transformed. Later on Matthias and Mordrid learned how to switch places to fight and they make a good combo even though Matthias is weaker.

When Matthias and Phaaze the Hedgecat went to attack Zel, Phaaze fired a phazon spear but it hits Matthias and Matthias transforms into Phaaze Matthias and Mordrid was stuck inside Matthias trapped in there. Mordrid's soul left Phaaze Matthias and went to share the same body with Memphis the Shining Demonhog. After the event's with The Corrupted One and after Memphis death, Mordrid went back to the now cured Matthias. A few weeks later Matthias(and Mordrid inside of him) encountered two hedgehog siblings. Their names were Angelaz the Light and Angeloz the Light. Mordrid soon realized that the siblings were actually part of Memphis' soul but he didn't tell Matthias. Matthias then started feeling the effects of Phazon poisoning so Mordrid left Matthias and got his own body. He then went to explore the world. While exploring Felwood, Mordrid encountered the demi-god Cenarius. Cenarius then told Mordrid of the coming demons and wanted Mordrid to learn the ways of the druid. Mordrid accepted. After months of training Mordrid returns home. When he arrives he encounters a new sibling, Memphimas the Corrupt, who he soon learns that she is another person who is part of Memphis' soul. Memphimas came by to visit the sick Matthias. A holographic image of Darkrai then appeared out of Matthias' eyes and told The Shining Family that he plans to destroy them all with his new minion,Matrix the Endless Void. More will be revealed.

Abilities and Skills

Dark Barrage-Punches people at speeds of 300 MPH many times.

Dark Time-can freeze time for about 5 minutes

Dark Warp-Teleport ability

Dark Void-Engulfs the enemy into darkness for 10 minutes.

Dark Blade Sileo-a blade made of darkness is summoned. The blade is sharp and deadly and has a rare poison at the tip of the blade.

Dark Typhoon-Spins really fast and forms a dark vortex that sucks in any enemys and spits them out in the air.

Dark Sun Blast-Unleashes a huge beam of light and dark energy which nearly destroys the area it goes trough. User is invinciebly during the charge up.

Nature's Call-Mordrid whispers in the air and all the birds and animals attack his opponent.

Forest Summoning-Mordrid makes some hand gestures and makes the trees become ents and they do as Mordrid says.

Entanglement-Entanglement has an offensive ability and a defenseive ability. The offensive ability is that roots sprout at Mordrid's enemy's feet and the roots try to make the opponent turn into a tree. The defensive ability is that roots sprout at Mordrid's feet and wraps themselves into the ground.

Shadow Dance-Copys of Mordrid appear out of Mordrid's shadow.


  • I think I subconcously based this character and Matthias off of the split personality of Daisuke and Dark from DNAngel.


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