Moray the Eagle is a character who appears in Reign of Terror onward. He is a bald eagle who takes the place of Sky the Falcon as a scout for the warriors. He is based off of a character of the same name from an old scrapped series based off of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole book series.


Moray is a bald eagle about as big as Sky the Falcon, with the typical look of one. He is mostly brown with white head and tail feathers, a yellow beak, feet, and eyes.


As shown in Reign of Terror, Moray is a huge fan of the warriors, and was incredibly eager to meet them in person, even if it was just a small patrol that escaped the Base to free The Tribes. Like everyone else, he is confused by Austin's lingo from his own World(as the big dog views bald eagles as the "pride of his country", since they are the national bird of the US). After being accepted into the Storm Fighters, Moray quickly became a fiercely loyal warrior; while he feels he can never live up to the legacy Sky left after his death, he hopes he can be a great scout.


Moray's past is unknown up until he was found by Rogue Tribe in Reign of Terror. Moray is heard screeching, and seen stuck in a bush. Skye helps him get free, and he eagerly realizes that he's meeting warriors of the Storm Fighters. He is saddened by the news of Sky the Falcon's death, and accepts Austin's offer to be a flying scout, saying that he can't replace Sky, but he can at least help the warriors any way he can. Later, when the warriors find the ruined village in which they find Tundra and Lucky, Austin questions Moray what the nearest landmark is in order to name the village, and Moray replies that Windy Moor Village is closest, prompting Austin to name the village Lucky Tundra Village.


Like all birds(not counting ostriches, emus, rheas, and cassowaries), Moray can fly and glide.


Like all birds that can fly, if either(or both) of Moray's wings are injured, then he is grounded and vulnerable. This probably adds to his constant need to be up in the air and the fact he hates being stuck on the ground if he can be flying around.

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