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The Moor Pack is a Pack of dogs of various breeds that appear in Rise of Ruin, beginning with Fall of the Worlds. They are led by a huge English Mastiff named Bear. Currently, not very many members have been named(listed below). They are allies of Lucky's Resistance who join them on their journey to New Mobotropolis and end up helping them in the battle against Finitevus and Infinite.


Leader: Bear; Large male English Mastiff with pale tan fur and a black face and ears(a coloring called fawn)

Deputy: Snapper; Aggressive but loyal Doberman Pincher with floppy ears and a long tail


  • Trevor; Male German Shorthaired Pointer
  • Samwise; Aging male Bloodhound
  • Pepper; Eager female Springer Spaniel
  • Jack; Hyper Irish Setter
  • Other Unknown Members


Largely unknown, but possibly the same as the Tribes


It's most likely that the Moor Pack believes in the Spirits in the Stars.


The Moor Pack used to live on an unknown moor, hence their name, but they moved to New Mobotropolis when Lucky's Resistance got their help. They currently live there as of Menace of Metal.


The Moor Pack's past is unknown up until Fall of the Worlds, when Lucky's Resistance found them and brought them to New Mobotropolis, where they now live to fight to protect their Worlds.

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