Moon of the House of Penumbra
Also known as
Triarius Moon, Moon of the Nocturnus, Aunt Moon
3 ft. 0 in.
65 lbs.
Nocturnus Colony, Soumerca
Chronologically 4000+ (From earth's perspective) Physically 40
September 2
Good, Nocturnus
Nocturnus soldier, rank: Triarius


On the outside Moon appears to be very serious, but on the inside she is rather kind-hearted. She disagreed with Ix regularly but was afraid to speak up. She is very focused and once she starts something is intent on finishing it. She is a hard worker and anything but lazy. She isn't always very talkative unless she has something to say and is frequently seen deep in thought. Notably, she is also selfless, not considering her own wellbeing in crucial decisions.

For the majority of her life she has been a soldier, so it's really all she knows. She doesn't have any real hobbies outside of working, and tends to feel rather lost when there isn't a mission going on. She's also not the best at small talk or casual conversations, useually trying to find ways to busy herself instead of just talking. This can make her seem 'shy', but that's really not the case.

In a fight, she has the determined, do or die attitude of a soldier, and is unlikely to deviate from established plans. That's not to say that she won't think on her own when the situation demands it. She has a strong sense of morals, which has in the past conflicted with her desire to follow orders. Also, she cares about peoples, though there are few people who are truly close to her. Those that are, however, she puts at a higher priority than missions or herself.

Physical Characteristics


Moon is a yellow echidna with pale yellow stripes down her many dreadlocks. When not held up with her headband they tend to fall all around her face. She also has a pale yellow muzzle. Her front-most left dreadlock always falls forward into her face. She has green eyes. There are some signs of aging under her eyes though in the form of light wrinkles. Her figure is generally slim and in good shape from all of her activity, though she has slightly wide hips.


Moon wears typical Nocturnus soldier armour for her rank. The difference is that parts of her's glow neon green instead of blue. The suit is tight and black, with the appearance of being layered in a way. She wears matching boots with white on the top. Her gloves have green on them as well as having power cuffs that allow her to do energy blasts and have her retractable leech blade. Her dreadlocks are pulled back with a black headband. She wears a helmet like the rest of the Triarius Nocturnes.


Moon stands strong, straight, and confident. She holds her hands behind her back alot and has posture that comes from her training as a soldier. This posture can change in an instant to a battle ready stance whenever she senses trouble. Despite the strict posture though, her facial expression betray a certain softness at times, showing concern among other things.


Moon's voice is mature sounding with a medium pitch. Although most of the time it is smooth, she sometimes has a few cracks in it. Her voice is also relatively quiet.


Moon has several special attacks and abilities that are derived from her Nocturnus technology, including energy blasts, leeching attacks, and regenerative capabilities. She has her leech blades which come right out of her suit around her wrists. Not only do they provide damage and cutting attacks, but they can actually leech energy right from her opponents when struck and use it to regenerate herself. The suit can also regenerate on its own though not quite as effectively as with the leech technique. Her gloves can generate dual energy blasts which can then be fired at her opponent from a long range.

In addition to the abilites granted by her suit, she is also well trained physically. She is agile and can hold her own in melee combat. She also has the advantage of experience. Stealth is one of her skills. Another is her acute sense of balance.

She's quick on her feet and rather adept at dodging incoming attacks. Her fighting style isn't flashy at all though, but could be described as strictly business. She does what she needs to do to take down her opponent without anything that could be described as 'showing off'. Often this consists of a simple attack with her leech blade.

She has become a better fighter with age, but her endurance isn't all that great compared to a younger fighter. After awhile of strenous activity she is more likely to get tired. It should also be noted that without her suit or other technology, her stamina is greatly decreased. The suit's regenerative capabilities are something she has come to rely on. Also, she's used to relying on technology for attacks as well, so taking it away leaves her a bit out of her element.

With regards to elements she is resistant to wind and water but weak to fire, ice, lightning, and earth.



  • Run Skill - Moon is a slightly above average runner, she is light on her feet and able to run swiftly but not fast enough to be notable.
  • Dash Skill - With a boost from her suit, she can lean forward and jump slightly to dash.
  • Jump Skill - Her jump isn't very high due to her heavy, ground based armor, but it can be used to dodge.
  • Air Action - She can perform a simple roll midair to help with dodging.
  • Guard Skill - Her armor helps her block attacks.
  • Heal Skill - Moon's recovery abilities are high thanks to the Nocturnus technology's regenerate function.


  • 1st Attack - Leech Swipe. She does a forward swiping motion with her leech blades. Leechswipe
  • 2nd Attack - Side Kick. Following this she'll kick out with her opposite leg in an upward motion. Sidekick
  • 3rd Attack - Upper Punch. Finally she'll do an energy charged punch straight up.
  • Heavy Attack - Her heavy attack is a double punch, each one being followed by a cut from her blades.
  • Upper Attack - Double Upper Punch. Her upper attack is a similar conept to her 3rd attack but with both fists.
  • Dash Attack - She turns diagonally in the air and delivers a few kicks.
  • Air Attack - She fires an energy shot downwards.
  • Aim Attack - Energy Blast. Her assault against her opponent is completed with a dual energy blast.



In her full armor standing ready for battle.

  • Fight Pose - Her fight pose is a strict, soldier-like posture with her wrists facing outwards ready to use her blades.

Special Attacks

  • Energy Blast - She can fire dual blasts of energy in the form of green spears from the palms of her gloves. It strikes her target twice. This is her shot attack.
  • Leech Blade - Uses her retractable blades to drain power from her opponents to heal herself via a series of strikes. This is her power attack.
  • Regenerate - Her suit helps heal her in battle.


Early Life

Moon was raised on the Nocturnus colony back when it was still a part of Mobius. Her father was a scientist and her mother was a Vet. Scout in the Nocturnus army. When they went to war with the Knuckles Clan her mother went off to fight. She died when Moon was a teenager and Moon became a soldier to be like her. Her mother's death and the war in general didn't give her a very high opinion of the Knuckles Clan, and it only fueled her determination in her training to make up for what had been done. She has realized that things are different now, and harbors no hard feelings towards the clan's descendants.

With the Nocturnus

Moon was a long time soldier of the Nocturnus, but after they were exiled to the Twilight Cage she began noticing Ix's "over ambitiousness". She disagreed with his methods, but like many of the Nocturnus, was afraid to speak up. That was until her niece, Shade, resisted him by allying herself with Sonic and friends. Moon retained her position in the army, but after realizing that Ix was indeed insane, began to play as more of a saboteur. She would do little things that she could without being noticed such as interrupting supplies. A more prominent of her rebellious acts was visiting the exiled Nestor, whom she would often speak with about the situation of the Nocturnus.

After Defeat of the Nocturnus

After the Nocturnus were defeated by Sonic and friends, Moon escaped the Twilight Cage. Upon first arriving on modern Mobius, she was completely lost. She was drawn to areas with echidnas, though there were a lot less around than she expected. Eventually though, she made her way up to Angel Island and was detected by Lien-DOS when she was looking around. With nowhere else to go she ended up living with Dimitri, Lien-DOS, and Luger in Haven. With them she began working on information gathering missions trying to find some way to rescue the rest of her people from the Twilight Cage. She made many new friends and helped them to fight evil. In addition to all this, she began experiencing what life is like now outside the Cage with these friends.

Endangered Species

In recent events, Thrash the Tasmanian Devil exacted his long awaited revenge against the echidnas for experimenting on his species generations ago. He did so by throwing virtually all of the remaining echidnas through a warp ring to an undisclosed location, imprisoning them there. Luger, Moon, and Dimitri were at Haven during all of this and were not affected. Consequently they are now some of the only surviving echidnas besides Knuckles and Finitevus. Rather than simply focusing on the Nocturnus, Moon and Dimitri have combined their goals with the intent to find and restore all of the echidna people as a whole.


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Shade the Echidna

Moon admires her niece's bravery and determination, as well as fighting skills. They used to spar with each other. Although they are both outside the Cage, they are not currently in touch.

Starlight the Echidna

Starlight the Echidna, Moon's mother

Starlight was Moon's mother and a Vet Scout in the Nocturnus army, she went off to war against the Knuckles Clan. Little is know about her except that she died when Moon was a teenager. It was because of her that Moon became a soldier, wanting to follow in her footsteps.


Nestor is a close friend of Moon's whom she often sought out for his counsel. Even when he had been exiled for speaking out against Ix, Moon still went to Kron to visit him. She admired his courage.

Pir'Oth Ix

Moon strongly disagrees with Ix's methods and desires of brutal conquest. She secretly opposed him.

Dimitri the Echidna

Moon respects Dimitri and they are able to cooperate since they have similar goals. They both wish to help their people. She has come to respect him and will talk with him about the history she has missed while she was in the Twilight Cage. Moon also has a tendency to want to help and protect him as if he were her own grandfather. Though with her father still in the Twilight Cage, he really is the closest thing.

Lien-DOS the Holographic Echidna

Moon and Lien-DOS are good friends and "gal-pals" of sorts. Lien-DOS trys to encourage Moon to have fun. She finds her innocence to be refreshing and really can't help but smile at her.

Luger the Echidna

See main article: Lugoon.

Fetalia the Dark

Moon met Fetalia during Lightning's memory crisis. They are allies and worked together, especially when Lien-Da stole someone important from both of them.

Kurahk "Bloodnova" the Echidna

Moon got to know Kurahk when they were both back in the Twilight Cage. He is a fellow Nocturnus soldier who had left. He is someone she can talk to about their former home. They usually cooperate well although they are very different. Moon wishes that Kurahk would think more before acting.

G'ling the N'rrgal

G'ling has been stalking Moon for years which both confuses and annoys her. She wishes he would stop but doesn't want to hurt his feelings.

Lien-Da the Echidna

Moon has no choice but to be enemies with Lien-Da because of all the bad things she does. This includes the time she kidnapped Luger with the intent of wiping his memory. Moon still trys to respect the fact that despite all she's done, Lien-Da is still Luger's daughter. Lien-Da hates Moon though and sees her as just another replacement for her mother.

Roleplay Appearances

Luna the Hedgehog

Waking the Nightmare

Memory Crisis

Trapped in Twilight

The War For Mobius

The Nightfall Incident


The secret of robots


~"I'm getting Luger back, and no monster's going to stop me!" - When she found out Luger had been kidnapped by Lien-Da. (Memory Crisis)

~"He was a friend of mine. With all he knew of history, I regret I didn't listen to him about Ix sooner." - Moon talking about Nestor (Trapped in Twilight)


  • Moon's theme song is Rush by Aly & AJ.


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