The species does not really have a history,or at least a known one. Moon Fairy Moths are secretive and constanly travel. It is unknown why they travel, and when a Moon Fairy Moth is in an area many people will ask it why it travels, but they will never answer. People create rumors about the species. Such rumors are that they evolved from Mobian Moths, though it's disproved since Moon Fairy Moths are from outer space.

Moon Fairy Moths original species name was Vemnyn, and some people still call them by that. Though their name is constantly referred to as Moon Fairy Moths, because of their appearance to moths and fairies and since they believe in a lunar godess as well.


Moon Fairy Moths come in six different colors: Light Orange, Brown, Light Yellow, Black, Grey, and White. Some Moon Fairy Moths have a mix of those colors for their fur. Their eye color is almost always black, but sometimes they will have dark grey. Moon Fairy Moths can either have smooth long tails or fluffy short tails.

Male Moon Fairy Moths are muscularly built, despite sometimes being frail. Males are also more likely to have the much darker colors, but some have the recessive trait for lighter colors. Males also have little to no fur. Males are usually taller than the females, but can be shorter.

Female Moon Fairy Moths are usually frail, but there has been cases where a female can be more muscular than a male. Females have a dominant trait for the lighter colors, but some can be the much darker colors. Females have a lot of fur. Females are mostly shorter than males, but can be taller.


Moon Fairy Moths have a few policies.

  • All Moon Fairy Moths must worship the Lunar Godess.
  • No Moon Fairy Moth should kill others of their species or other species, unless for food.
  • All Moon Fairy Moths must have gold or silver on them, whether it be jewelry, bars, or nuggets.
  • Moon Fairy Moths are premitted to fight, as long as it doesn't get out of hand and end up causing a person to die.
  • Moon Fairy Moths must continue to travel.
  • Moon Fairy Moths never tell anyone of their secrets.

If any rule is broken, the punishment is being banished from the species. Some Moon Fairy Moths will be hypocrites and kill the person whom broke the rule.


Moon Fairy Moths' uniforms are not really complicated. Usual attire includes:

The Males having to wear either gold or silver jewelry or none at all. They also must wear brown robes/skirt.

The Females also have to wear either gold or silver jewelry or none at all. Females must wear brown dresses.

Since there's no policy saying to wear the uniform, many of the Moths just wear attire bought from stores.


The Moon Fairy Moths believe in a singular Lunar Godess called "Mahnaz". All Moon Fairy Moths believe in Mahnaz, because those who don't are punished.

Their teachings of Mahnaz is that the Moths can not wander during the day time and must wander during the nightime. These teachings are based on the fact that since the sun is more reddish it is more willing to kill and that of the white of the moon at nignt as well as the stars means that they will not kill.

Moon Fairy Moths also believe in wearing gold and silver or carrying it. Gold and Silver bring good luck and those who don't wear or carry it will be banished because of their bad luck.

The final thing in the religion you shouldn't do is kill people for little to no reason. But like most religion and their extremists, the extremists in this religion believe it's okay to kill people who don't follow the rules.


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