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The Moon Children Cult is a cult made up of Mobians shown briefly in Attack of the Ribbons.


The cult is typically made up of female deities. The chief goddess is Luna, who is represented as the moon itself. She is thought to choose each member of the cult an summon them to the area, and has omnipotent power. She whispers to certain members of the cult, and chooses them as the paladins of the cult, to lead them through her voice.

The second chief god is Father, who is most likely represented as the sun. He is Luna's husband and servant. He isn't portrayed much, though impregnated Luna to have children which would populate the sky.

Selene, Nyx, and Artemis were the first batch of children had by the two chiefs. They are said to guide the paladins and advise Luna on occasion. Selene is represented by Draco, Nyx as Andromeda, and Artemis as Hydra.

The second batch of children are Hathor and Chango. Hathor at one point became jealous of Chango, and poisoned her. She became regretful of what she did, and killed herself. Chango was resurrected by Luna, who also resurrected Hathor. The two now kill the other regularly out of jealousy, and resurrect the other before killing herself. Hathor is Orion and Chango as Phoenix.

Thoth is unrelated, and Tsukuyomi is the half cousin of the first batch. Thoth and Hathor married and had children, and Tsukuyomi bore children with Artemis because Chango couldn't have children.

Diane is the child of Tsukuyomi and Artemis.

Marici, Luna II, and Ixchell are the children of Thoth and Hathor.

Ixchell had married Iah, who is unrelated. They had a single child, Metztli. Metzli may have had a child named Phoebe, but may not have.

Phoebe courted the mortal Morpheus, and the two married. Afterwords, he became immortal.

Chloreus is a mortal who is celebrated like a god. He had a child Luna, Luna III. Luna III and Chloreus started the Moon Children Cult.


The Moon Children don't have a true agenda. They exist to bring in new members and to spread interesting questions. They at one point mention a possible take over, and will one day come out of hiding to bring Mobius to their knees. It is unknown when this will happen, however.


The Moon Children eat only rabbit and cheese. Lower classed members are forced to "hunt" for these foods in a nearby supermarket, using any means necessary. They originally hunted like normal people, but Luna "whispered" to a paladin that the diet must change to only "holy foods". They drink only swamp water.


All of the Moon Children are obviously children. They have varying species, though they all have similar features. They all have bags under their eyes and bloodied, chapped lips. They all look tired as if they don't sleep but once a month (which is true), and have tattered, dirtied clothing. Their skin is pale and their hair is wild. Many of them have cut wrists.

Notable Members

  • Io, Callisto, Ganymede, Europa: The four current Paladins. Ganymede and Callisto are males, and Io and Europa are female. Each one is fourteen, and are close to descending.
  • Iapetus, Rhea, Dione, Tethys: These four (Formerly five) are the next in line as Paladins. They are close to transcending.
  • Phobos and Deimos: Twins who are quite young. They are hunters at the moment, and close to ascending.
  • Titan/Iris/Xena: Titan was a former soon-to-be paladin, who left the cult after some thought. He was Luna's favorite beforehand. Before this, he was one of the twelve trainees for the sages. After he left both, he joined the Army of Ribbons.

Ascend, Transcend, Descend

These three words are the levels of Moon Child faith. At first, they are none, but soon Ascend. To ascend means they become more spiritually aware to Luna and Father, and usually happens six months after becoming a member. To Transcend happens at random times, and is designated by Luna to the Paladins. It is unknown what happens exactly, but after this they begin slitting their wrists and cutting their hair. To Descend means to commit suicide, usually at age sixteen. This is when Luna calls them to join her within the skies, and take a constellation. It is the highest honor.


  • Obvious inspiration stems from Part II of the ARG created by Jadusable.
  • It is also based around many lunar cults and the Moon Children of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.