Monty the Dog is a young anthropomorphic Dog who debuts in Rise of a Team. He is the leader of the newly formed Lamarkie Defense Force, with Tammy the Wolf as his second-in-command. Monty hails from an "obscure" town called Mountain Lake Village(based off of Mountlake Terrace, WA), and like many other people, he was displaced from his home when Infinite attacked and destroyed it. He currently lives in Lamarkie Village. He will return as a POV of Rising Evil.


Monty is a young male Dog with pale golden-yellow fur, white flames, and blue-green eyes. He wears a blue neckerchief, black fingerless gloves with a yellow streak on them, blue cleat-like shoes, blue framed sunglasses, and orange and black goggles. As of Rising Evil, it was confirmed that Monty has two even, short but one-inch wide scars on either flank as a reminder of Infinite's attempt on his life.


Monty is laid-back, but responsible. He cares deeply for the people who follow him as part of the Lamarkie Defense Force, valuing survival of his new home above all. Monty believes that the youngsters of the group must be protected first.


Before the Series: Monty was born to an unknown family in Mountain Lake Village sometime before the start of the Great Rebellion. Like many other people during the Rebellion, Monty was displaced from his home when it was destroyed in an attack from Infinite. He fled to Lamarkie Village, where he started his own Team, called the Lamarkie Defense Force, to protect his new home after the Great Storm.


Duemto Monty prioritizing the rescue of young ones in the event of an attack, he is willing to put himself at risk, and villains such as Infinite might use this against him.


Tammy the Wolf

Tammy is Monty's second in command on the Lamarkie Defense Force. The two are good friends, and Tammy's little sister Gabby adores him.

Digger the Dog

Digger and Monty are good friends despite Digger's loner personality and his desire to strike out on his own to find his missing parents.


Monty's birthplace, Mountain Lake Village, is named after the city of Mountlake Terrace in Burpy's Dream's home state of Washington.

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