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Monsters (モンスター, Monsuta) are supernatural phenomenona in the Sonic Monster World fangame series.

Sometimes, the term "monster" are referred to beings that are frightening and causing havoc, qualities to serve either good or evil, beings that can have features to be ferals, etc., or entities that have genetically issues or functions causing them to be mutagenic forming others forms. They can be called if they're basically replicas, confirmably known as replicants.

In the series, monsters come from different myths, legends, or other media across the entire universe.

In the Series

Sonic: Monsters From The Other World

In Sonic: Monsters From The Other World, the Monsters are actually real from other dimensions and they were discovered after the asteroid

Sonic Beast Hunters

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Sonic: Story of Monsters

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Chronicles of Sonic And The Early Life

In the cutscene, the princess tells the origin of how the monsters were actually come from.

True Divine Generation: Sonic Monster World X

Thousand of eons, the goddess Aeonine (女神アオニン) lead the gods to the protection of the mobians and humans to help them to the monsters during the invasion of the Black Holes, before they were discovered their creation was more powerful and planned to use them for a "new kingdom".

False Divine Generation

In the DivGen universe, they were known as Kaiju.

Appearances in other games, media etc.

  • In Shadow the Hedgehog: Eternity Punishment, sirens have roles as enemies, their forms are half birds and half mermaids.
  • In the Adventures of Sonic The Werehog series, the mandrakes appear in the episode "Oh My Mandragora!".
  • The spin-off game Dreaming Mandrake

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