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Monk is the main character of Monk the Cat.

He is a 'nineteen' year old cat, with the ability to manipulate time.


The cat known as Monk is known for his distant, passive yet competitive nature. For the average person, he appears as little more than a wandering mercenary, more intent on doing his job than anyone else. This is backed up his his behavior towards others, talking to them when they make mistakes and rarely giving compliments. In short, he seems apathetic to normal passerbys. He also seems to have an 'aura' of mystery surrounding him, as not much about him can be decifered from his looks.

When around those he has opened up to, he is a lot mellower and shows genuine concern about those individuals. He would do all in his power to protect them if needed, though the situation has very rarely presented itself. He often will let his friends fend for themselves, though this is not for abandonment, but rather to gauge their abilities for later encounters. He has a large soft spot for children, specifically those suffereing or in need. However, this would not stop him from fighting one.

Uncommonly, though not rarely, he has been shown to challenge strangers to duels, spars or brawls. He has shown to have a deep-rooted love of fighting, though he claims to see no point in it. He would refer to this need to fight as a force of habit, and that "old habits die hard". In battle, he shows a high degree of cunning and manipulation, toying with his lesser foes, while still keeping up the appearance of an honorable fighter. Most of his fights seem to go this way until he decides to defeat his opponents. In the situation that he needs to beat a tougher opponent on the spot, he would drop the act and go in to out maneuver and overpower the fighters before finishing them off.



He stands at an average height of about 3'09" and sporting a lean-muscular build. His skin is a pale-white color. He is covered in long, black, sleek fur. The fur changes to yellow in a few key points; The stripe on his forehead which curves down into his left eye, the "spiky" tufts on his ears, the rounded tip of his tail, the middle-right "hair" strand coming off the back of his head, the stripe going half-way down his back and ending at the bottom of his left shoulderblade. He has white fur, which is softer than the black and yellow, on his muzzle, chest and belly. The fur on his muzzle and chest goes into "tufts" on the sides, with four tufts on his muzzle and three on his chest, for each side. His eyes are in an almond shape with neutral purple irises. His ears are trianular, but have a noticeable curve to them. His nose is small and black.


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Holding his spear.

He is most commonly shown to wear three articles of clothing. The first being his dark green army jacket. This is an open-front jacket made from some sort of black fabric, with golden frills going around the outline of it. The shape of it goes around his torso, minus the front and then splits back into two rounded tails at the back, with the section between the jacket tails for his actual tail to fit through. It has frills going around his neck and folded back down to the shoulders of it. The sleeves appear to have been ripped and fixed to only go half-way down his upper arms. The jacket is fastened across his chest by two thin black leather belts/straps. He is almost always seen wearing his normal brown hiker's boots. The boots covering almost all of his forelegs. He also sometimes wears a pair of basic white gloves.




Monk is a chronokinetic, that means he is able to manipulate (some aspects of) time at will. This is mostly limited to either areas of effect, or specific object or people. Most of the time, whenever he uses time manipulation it leaves a pale green-yellow rune, glyph or glow.


The offensive aspects of his power rely mostly on speeding himself up and slowing others down. Speeding himself up is done in three main ways, while others exist. The first is affecting his whole body to move and react faster than his nerves would normally allow. This use leaves no glow. The second is making his eyes and mind see and react much more quickly than normal, which leaves his thoughts moving much too quickly for his body to keep up, making everything seem in slow motion. This causes his purple eyes to glow while active on his eyes. The third main use on himself is applying it to his limbs in short bursts for added power in his strikes. This effect is not unlike a raw boost of muscle or strength for a second to strike harder, and it does not have a glow, though it does usually have a whizzing sound.

Monk's Birthday Drawing

Monk, drawn by CrysonShockwave

Another side of his offense is slowing his opponents down. When hit by his glyphs, runes, projectiles or just through physical contact, he can slow down an opponent's sense of time. This can be done to varying degrees, ranging from them just seeing things move around faster, to them being in a state of semi-paralysis. Affects used on other targets will leave them seeing a large clock-like aparation either behind the area hit or above it. He can inflict a temporary "old" status on targets as well, hampering their movement, strength, speed and agility, while boosting their strength of magic/kinesis and magical/special defenses.

The final major aspect of his offense is manipulating the times of gravity and projectiles. Projectiles can be sped up or slowed down to make things easier to hit with or dodge. The manipulation of gravity works on what can be dumbed down to a three dimensional plane. The speeds of the "X", "Y" and "Z" can be individualized, causing one to move at extremely disorienting paces. Though this ability requires some preparation and concentration to pull off. This leaves a faint pale green grid on the area affect, leaving room for opponents to leave the designated area if it is not moved with them.


While most of the aspects of the cat's chronokinesis are either non-combattive, or focused on offense, he does have several options for support, and a few for defense. He can heal lighter wounds by speeding up their natural regeneration. This can be done for both himself and others around him, or both at once. The speed ups from his offensive side can also be applied to allies as support. Similar to him bolstering strength/muscle for a second to add attack power, he is able to do the same when taking a blow to lower the damage.

A specific part of his defense is refered to as "time equality" as referenced by the cat, himself. This ability only activates when in the presence of another speed booster or time manipulator. When they activate an ability to allow them to move faster, see/process things more quickly or react faster, his base speed will increase to match. This also applies to if they were to use a debuff on themselves to slow down, it would also change his base speed to that. 

Another specific attribute of his supportive chronokinesis is the use of clock apparitions. He can conjure up large clock structures, usually in the form of grandfather clocks, to gain buffs. The clocks all have an immediate effect which is roughly 1/4th as strong as the permanent buff that comes into effect when the clock goes off. The stronger buff the clock gives, the more time it will take to come into full effect. The apparitions can be destroyed by opponents in the meantime. Once a clock goes off, he will receive a permanent speed buff that lasts the remainder of the confrontation. The buff is also applied to allies.


Without focusing on combat, he is able to perform several feats with his power as well. Most notably are his use of divination, time travel, and flash stepping. His flash stepping involves forming a rune under his feet, using it to speed up, then a second rune where he wishes to stop, allowing him to cover great distances in only a short amount of time. Though this is limited to only moving in two ways; straight lines, or spirals, that can be stopped part-way through. Divination is as it sounds, using his chronokinesis to discern future events. What he or others do with that information is up to them. His time travel has two forms to it. Firstly, is his observer stage, in which he can view events that have happened, will happen, or happen alternatively at will from the perspective of an outside, unseen, unheard, unsensed by anyone but another strong time traveler. The second form is much simpler, appearing normally in a different timeline, where he will have a direct effect on what happens there. Another aspect of note is age manipulation, able to restore a body to a younger age, though this has a large strain on him, as it requires him to age the same amount as he reverses for the other target, then turn himself back. This prevents it from frequent use, and use in battle altogether.

His biggest neutral aspect is chronic immunity. Meaning he is immune to having his own past altered by anyone other than himself. What this means in more basic terms is that one could not travel back in time and kill him off or injure him at an earlier date.


Monk boasts a rather notable amount of strength, speed, accuracy, defense and durability, while having great "magic", magical defense and perception. While the first five aformentioned attributes and the last one are modified by his kinesis, the magic and magic defense are not.

He is able to write runes and summoning circles on the ground and direct the enemy's magic or kinetic energy into them for varying effects, ranging from summoning creatures to simple uses of different elements on the runes drawn. He is not able to fire his own kinetic energy into the runes/circles to get them to work.


The cat is well-versed in the usage of multiple weapon types, but is most proficient with lances/spear, followed by unarmed, then followed closely by use of pistols and knives/daggers. He is adept at using the surroundings, be they dense or slim, to his advantage in combat. 

Outside of combat, he has most skills associated with the average person, ranging from driving to house keeping. Notably, he is also adept at playing card games, though usually does not gamble.

Items in Possession

  • Borhgen - A name given to the black war lances the cat uses as his primary weapon. Large, black polearms that have a double-edged bladed leaf-shaped head. The shaft is made of hard blackwood and is wrapped all the way around with a thin metal coil, in a spiraling fashion, for the length of the shaft. The lances have some magical properties, as they act like a sort of lightning rod for raw arcane, kinetic or divine energies. The head absorbs any special attack that hits it and transfers it to the butt spike, where it can be released as a shot of pure magical or kinetic energy. While it absorbs magic and kinesis, stabbing a target will not drain their magic or energy.
  • Chrysanthemum - A chromed and customized 38. Caliber Magnum revolver.
  • Blockbuster - A very rough and angular-looking revolver with 8 barrels. This weapon is completely custom made and tailored to the cat who wields it. It is larger, slower, heavier, sturdier and more powerful than Chrysanthemum.


Monk's most glaring weakness is that he has a magic "barrier" that was placed on him many years prior. This prevents him from directly using any forms of magic, until the barrier is removed. But judging by the strength of the barrier, that will not happen until he finds a strong white mage or exorcist, which are getting harder to come by.

The second notable weakness is that while his kinetic powers are rather impressive, they take a toll on his body and stamina pool, the faster he goes. Too much of the effects and he will either quickly wear out, or suffer organ/muscle damage.


  • His lance is named after the traitor of Fynn.

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