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Momoka Peach
Peach Fox
Hair/Fur: Peach with pink highlights

skin: White

Eyes: Water Blue
Blue sleeveless dress

gray bike shorts

blue bracelets with string bracelet pieces

red and white striped leggings/leg-warmers

blue and dark gray shoes

Momoka, (Momo) is a young, cute fox girl who is sometimes mistaken as being related to Tails. To which she often makes comments about, not seeing this herself. So she usually just thinks of it as something not worth listening to...

Personal Information

  • Name: Momo
  • Species: Peach Fox
  • Age: 11
  • Residence: Apartment
  • Gender: Female
  • Status: Single
  • Height, Weight: About Tails' height, less on the weight by just a few pounds.
  • Alignment: Hero

Weapons and items

  • Momo is often seen with a yo-yo but she usually does not use these to fight with.
  • Her special bracelets


  • Fox things
  • Lucky Coin Throw: Using the small coin-like pieces on her bracelets, Momo will throw them at the target and before they make contact, they turn into big stones.
  • Disk Collision: The gold coin-like pieces of her bracelets turn into odd disk like objects that she can swing at the Target
  • Peachie Peach Smack: A simple jump kick before she turns to smack the target with her tail, then while in air she ends with another kick. Also has a slap/punch version of this attack.


  • Momo happens to be very sensative
  • Faint of heart (she can't handle dark/overly mature things)
  • Her bracelets can become tangled with one-another, causing her to be open for a free hit.


Momo is a light orange, peach colored fox girl with white coloring at the end of her tail, muzzle, and inside her ears. She has a single eyelash on both eyes, like Cream and her eyes are an almost teal blue shade. She has natural soft frosted pink highlights in her hair, and lining of tail. Her hair consist of three big spiked bangs and two side parts curling outward, and she wears her long hair in pigtails at the top of her head.

Attire wise, Momo wears a bright midnight blue sleeveless dress with long ribbon like strands at the bottom of the dress, and matching bracelets that hold her gold stone bracelets on. Underneath her dress she wears gray/silver shorts, white and red striped leg warmers, and blue clog-like shoes matching her top and shorts.


Momo is always happy! She often has random hyper mood swings and despite her overly positive behavior she can be very sensative and cry easily. But she mood swings quite a bit and can be random/unpredictable some of the time.

Once hyper, it takes her a bit to calm down and this often annoyed or angers people. Despite hating and not seeing how people think her and Tails are related, Momo likes to think of him as a brother anyway.


  • Helping others
  • yo-yo's
  • candy
  • rainbows~!
  • Gold objects


  • rude people
  • boredom
  • sad/angry people
  • storms
  • vegetables




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