This is an article about Momo the Caracal, a character created by SPop120 on 07/24/2014.


Momo has light blonde colored fur, and peach colored eyes. She has a tuft of hair on the left side of her face, and the tuft curls upward a few centimeters above her eye. Her hair is tied back into a ponytail, and it reaches down to her hips. When her hair isn't pulled back into a high ponytail, it reaches down to just a bit below her thighs. She also has a long cat tail, with a white tip. Occasionally, she wears  


Momo wears a dress with a tan top, and right below the chest it has a brown etched pattern, resembling a chocolate waffle cone. Her skirt goes down to her a bit below her thighs, and is a light orange in color. She wears white stockings, and brown shoes with an orange cherry on the bottom. On her right arm, she has a long sleeve that starts a few inches below her shoulder. The sleeve has a brown etched pattern that also resembles a waffle cone. The sleeve stops just before her hand. Her ponytail is pulled back with a light orange scrunchie.

Alternate Attire


Momo is a rather playful individual. She enjoys teasing people and playing tricks on them. Momo is also somewhat of a liar, as she will lie whenever she feels like it. She also sometimes flirts with other males, but she has no interest in romantic relationships whatsoever. She is in no way innocent, as she is a very vengeful person and when someone does something wrong to her, she will attempt to make them feel pain.

Once you peel off the layer of a trickster, Momo is a very lonely person and she craves attention. The only person she really has for company is a cyber boy named Tadashi. She will also do whatever she can to get attention of any sort, whether it be negative or positive attention. Momo is also known to cave on things and hold grudges, as she is unable to let most things go. 

Momo is also extremely clingy to those she cares about, and get jealous extremely easily. She is also extremely paranoid of losing the ones she loves. Her paranoid behavior can lead to problems, since her behavior can be the cause to losing her loved ones.  


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Illusion Manipulation- Momo has the ability to manipulate illusions. Momo most frequently puts the illusion of excruciating pain on her target. The thing is that the pain will not cause any damage, as it is merely an illusion. However, she could drive someone insane with the pain. Momo can also induce psychedelic hallucinations on someone. Also, Momo can also alter her apperance using illusions, to make someone think she is someone else. The limitations to her powers are that if someone has enhanced senses, they might be able to see through her illusions. Momo mainly uses her illusion abilities for her tricks.


Despite the fact she can cast illusions, she is physically weak and can be beaten easily if one of her targets is immune to any sort of illusions. Aside from the fact that Momo casts illusions, she has no other powers and is therefore weak to any sort of powers her opponents have. 

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