Momenta the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Age 16
  • Mo-Mo (Used by Sonic; nickname)
  • B**** (Sonic's other romantic interests)
Romantic Interests Sonic the Hedgehog
Physical Description
  • White spagehtti-strap v-cut crop-top
  • Beige hotpants
  • Brown belt
  • White gloves
  • White shoes w/ red stripes
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Superspeed
  • All of Sonic's physical abilities
  • Aerokinesis
  • Chaos Control
Super FormsN/A
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Kagimizu

Momenta the Hedgehog is a female Troll, designed in appearance after Sonic. She was created as a means to distract Sonic, the greatest hero on Mobius, and eventually neutralize him.


Momenta, being based off of Sonic, shares a great deal of similarity with him in terms of appearance, being the same shade of blue and having green eyes of the same look. However, Momenta has a great deal of differences to her. She wears her hair-like quills in a single large ponytail that reaches down to her lower back, her skin is of a lighter shade, and she has two eyelashes on each eye. Momenta's figure is quite voluptuous, comparable to Rouge and Oya, but with larger, toned thighs. She wears a revealing white crop-top with spagehtti straps and a V-cut, and tight beige hotpants with a brown belt. She wears gloves and sneakers like Sonic, but her shoes are white with a red stripe.


Designed to catch Sonic's interest, Momenta is charismatic, kind, and caring. However, she is fully capable of "roughing it" with the guys, and loves adventure and excitement. She's quite confident and foward, with quite the wit. She has an excellent sense of humor, and is able to match any witty comment or joke with her own. However, Momenta also has bouts of confidence-loss, and while quite brave, she becomes a damsel in distress when frightened, latching onto and depending on Sonic. When alone with Sonic, Momenta will often make advances on him, and will become quite amourous and seductive towards him given the opportunity. While all of her personality seems genuine (including her apparent feelings for Sonic), Momenta is completely loyal to the Trolls, and does not let anything conflict with her mission. Momenta intensely dislikes it when other girls get in the way between her and Sonic, but keeps up a kind facade. However, Momenta will make a subtle attempt to psychologically destroy the girl who gets in her way with every comment she makes in an attempt to make the girl never go near Sonic again, all the while veiling the malicious intent behind her comments with a civil and sometimes even kind tone and demeanor, which hides the meaning of her comments to all except the girl they're aimed at. In secret, Momenta can also be quite cunning and almost ruthless (similar to Rouge) when planning how to get Sonic all alone and get others out of her way and/or out of Sonic's life.


Momenta has all of Sonic's physical capabilities, including his speed and attacks. In order to hide her status as a Troll, Momenta's regeneration capabilities have been scaled back to a moderate healing factor. Her Chaos Powers have also been scaled back to include only Chaos Control, though she is capable of learning Chaos techniques on her own. Momenta is also a medium-level Aerokinetic, with basic but effective powers. In order to allow her to maintain her cover in case it's been blown, Momenta has been given the ability to wipe and alter memories, though she is only capable of altering memories up to the last 12 hours. These powers are more effective when the target(s) are asleep or otherwise unconcious, allowing her to completely wipe memories of the last 12 hours with the target noticing nothing strange. However, affecting multiple people (a dozen concious, twenty unconcious) causes her to almost collapse from fatigue. However, Momenta's primary abilities are geared specifically for her mission. The first is that she is able to release very specific mind-altering waves, which only effect Sonic. These mental waves cause Sonic's thought proccess, personality, judgement, and loyalty to focus and revolve around Momenta. When under their full effect, Sonic would be focused solely on Momenta, his personality, loyalty, and actions revolving around and based solely on his "love" for Momenta (though aside from this his personality would remain the same). These mind-altering waves have a greater effect when Sonic is mentally fatigued or aroused, which is what her second primary ability is for. However, due to Sonic's willpower and loyalty, these mind-altering waves can be disrupted due to the influence of those close to him, though it is harder to do so the stronger the waves are and the longer he's been under the influence of them. These mind-altering waves also can't be sent towards a specific target, and cause migrains for anyone except Sonic. Her second primary ability is her "sweat"; this "sweat" is actually a quickly evaporating toxin that when inhaled or ingested, causes an increase in Sonic's arousal. While Momenta can forcefully secrete this toxin, it only comes out in small amounts. However, it will be secreted naturally as "sweat" under such conditions that the body would normally secrete sweat, such as physical exhertion or heat. This toxin doesn't have an arousing affect on anyone else, but does smell sweet.


Sonic the Hedgehog



  • All of Sonic's other Romantic Interests


  • All of Sonic's Romantic Interests


  • Momenta's name is derived from "Momentum".
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